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Breakage, Kristen Has A Girl

Righteously Dividing The Enemy                                                   

     -Like Watching Noah's Earth/Flood, (a voice declaring: "Mark 17 an 7,") And There Was Silence In Heaven, Rev. 8:1, AD 96, my prayer closet 1993, AD

Prophecy Links

     -A Voice Declaring: "I have bears in 120 counties, ({countries}, as in bear/stock markets), the fall of wall street, the wealth of the wicked mightily on the map 07/26/2016
     -Seen to be seeing a victorious rider of death, released out of the earth, come upon the abominations and detestation's upon the lives, lands and churches of the people, for they have forsaken God," 1994, (wealth, the American dream, the stumbling block of iniquity).
     -Seen to be seeing a beast eating and chomping on people even as they sat their porches, meaning no peace and safety for them, 2002, (see the Enron attach that killed many, Holy Spirit, 2002
     -Seen to be seeing a beast chomping and stomping from the pulpit, into the pews, once deceiving millions, now all vacant, 2014 (why doeth the city sit so solitary, that was once full of people?

Breakage, The Rainbow Covenant                                           

     -This is not standing in the way of sinners, but damnation, nor stopping Kristen from doing her will, this is why she has and brags about a girlfriend, but neither is anyone stopping God, nor could they from pouring out the Will of His Wrath, targeting all those unrepentant not only in His Sight, but in the way of His Kingdom coming. Henceforth, I created this blog just in case young people out there, especially celebrities understand what they've chosen. When they've chosen to stand firm in defiance of an Almighty God, first loving and creating the Adam of creation and the second, last Adam of salvation. For that is what unrepentance and the rubbing of God's long-suffering, along it's continue rebellion, is judgment and hell, so just in case there is no one to tell you, I am, all unrighteousness is sin, ALL!

Poetry Rising
Mission Butterfly                                                                                                    05/12/2016

     -I came to find you and you say you’re not lost, I seek to be near you and you say you can’t be found, I long to know you and you say you’re unreachable. I’m  keeping you here, yet the window is open, I’m keeping you near me, yet the drapes are blowing, I just know it. I say I love you and you say it’s heartless, I say I adore you and you say you doubt it, I say I’m coming for you and you say that’s impossible, I say I must have you and you say dream about it. I say I’m nothing without you and you say I’m all things regardless, I say you’re countless and you say prove it, by Apostle, P. A. Bradford

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 2012

Adams Descendants, Genesis 5, 4004 BC

     This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him; Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created. And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, and after his image; and called his name Seth: And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters: And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years: and he died.
     And Seth lived an hundred and five years, and begat Enos: And Seth lived after he begat Enos eight hundred and seven years, and begat sons and daughters: And all the days of Seth were nine hundred and twelve years: and he died. And Enos lived ninety years, and begat Cainan:
     And Enos lived after he begat Cainan eight hundred and fifteen years, and begat sons and daughters: And all the days of Enos were nine hundred and five years: and he died. And Cainan lived seventy years and begat Mahalaleel: And Cainan lived after he begat Mahalaleel eight hundred and forty years, and begat sons and daughters: And all the days of Cainan were nine hundred and ten years: and he died. And Mahalaleel lived sixty and five years, and begat Jared:
     And Mahalaleel lived after he begat Jared eight hundred and thirty years, and begat sons and daughters: And all the days of Mahalaleel were eight hundred ninety and five years: and he died. And Jared lived an hundred sixty and two years, and he begat Enoch: And Jared lived after he begat Enoch eight hundred years, and begat sons and daughters: And all the days of Jared were nine hundred sixty and two years: and he died.
     And Enoch lived sixty and five years, and begat Methuselah: And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters: And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years: And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him. And Methuselah lived an hundred eighty and seven years, and begat Lamech. And Methuselah lived after he begat Lamech seven hundred eighty and two years, and begat sons and daughters:
     And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred sixty and nine years: and he died. And Lamech lived an hundred eighty and two years, and begat a son: And he called his name Noah, saying, This same shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground which the Lord hath cursed.

In The Beginning, God, Alpha And Omega, see Rev. 11

The American Horror Story Of Them All, Same Sex Marriage

     I Will Cast You Into A Bed and Thy Lovers Into Great Tribulation Except Ye Repent!

     -Stop it, there is no debate here, and you no longer have time to laugh his off as some joke later, these people are dying and waking in eternal hell right now! Straightly, God did not create a same-sex nor a bisexual creature, the man God created is married unto a divine procreation, either to a naturally born opposite or to the Cross of Jesus. That's this second, last Adam, Elohim lovingly further had for him, for His Blood redemption, as so the second death (HELL), wouldn’t have any power over him. Anything else, Pope, President, Apostate Angels and Pulpits are all accursed, being unrepentant. Meaning, it has and will cause millions their immortal souls and I’m not referring to those who don’t know. All they know, for 6000 years since the Genesis they’ve known, light (Revelation) hath come said Jesus.
     -Obviously, Mother Eve wasn't born, though like her Husband Adam she was created, mind-bogglingly and heart grippingly by Elohim taking her from him, He ordain them one of another's kind.  Successfully, that’s one of another’s blood and flesh, meaning, one is totally incomplete, fruitless, unsubstantiated without the other.  Their hearts, (love affair) lives, treasures separated this dwindling wilderness into a chaotic existence, this adulterer torn from the branch of life and living who hath them both, Elohim.
     -Now for this cause a man is to forsake mother and father and cleave to His own wife and there they shall become a continuous procreation of this God/man. Herein, this is the realistic marriage of reproduction Elohim spoke, formed and breathed into Adam, now this Eve, now this blessed Woman Seed, Jesus, awake, Apb, The RAM, see here,

    And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Featuring The African Juttah

     -Starring Book Characters As Far Back As The Late Eighties: South Lee Whitehead and Cupid Muzit Mozart, Blain Daniel Cockeron and Ninth Symphony Artz, Collin Hain Morrison and Andre Loraine Mackelson, Branch Vincent Copeson and Cadance Caddy Coldelay, Phearson Mycal McPhearson and Regan Central Whitehead

The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy

     Unto Bradford Clifton Whitehead and Teresa Niki Board was born their first son South Lee Whitehead, their second North Lee Whitehead, their third son Est Wes Anderson and a daughter Regan Central Whitehead

You Just entered the African Juttah 2020

Beast Of Beauty, The Marriage (Jesus) Worshipers,  By: P. A. Bradford, Apostle
Wr. 1986-2016

                                     ...I Cried Unto God With My Voice...
                                                      Scene I

     -"Looook!" Suddenly letting out the most horrifying screech, her eyes stretched, jaws dropped at her pointing and leaping literally from her seat, "it's him! Who?" With a now ruffled Susan and Tiffany anxiously investigating was Erica Lynn hysterical at grabbing Susan's head, turning it to the direction she was most anxious, causing Tiffany Ann at hanging over the seat seeing as well. "Are you guys freaking blind? Ah my god!" With eyes beaming into her own jaws dropping, quite traumatic amazement did Susan Faye indeed see, "it is him. Who? The monster!" With Erica bearing a cunning grin suddenly Tiffany too began too see him, "ah god," sighing sorrowfully, even sickly into a hand over the mouth, it was him, the Monster of Hike's Peak, two-face they all called him, the pressed traffic had caught him as well. “Just try not to look you guys, don’t stare, what’s that other thing they call him? Two faced, it is said for one side of his face Erica is as beautiful as any man would hope and the other side is horribly scared and contused.” People were very cruel to him, the girls had only heard of him and by dares peeped in on where he lived, this is the first time they'd actually seen him, he wasn't but a car over from them, to their right. "I wonder Tip How do you know all of that? I wonder who looks best he or his dog? Ah leave him alone, don't you guys think he has suffered enough? We were only kidding, ---god! I bet he could just die. Ok Tip" winking an eye at Susan that this was their chance to get the best of Tiffany Ann "here's your chance, my chance for what? You know, yeah Erica’s right, you always befriending people, let's see you befriend that, yeah, I bet you won't go over and ask him his name. You guys are crazy" instead shaking her head into a much desired rest down into the back seat was Susan and Erica being their silliest. "What is the damn hold up? Hey!" Summoning one of the motorist as if he’s to know better them all, was the unknowing unbearable. "You know what's wrong? A really bad accident, about five cars, it's all on WKL 101. Thanks," as one responding to a nod of his head did Susan get busy finding the station. "Five cars, there's no telling how long we're gonna be here, yeah I wished I'd left earlier with Mike" as one peeking out disorderly when suddenly her car door open and she began walking toward the monster's car. "What the hell?" Jerking around quite astonished, turning, as well through the rear view and side mirrors watching carefully. "Is she crazy? I don't believe it," gravely suspecting Tiffany's insane gesture, contemplating her every move as she’d undoubtedly lost her mind. "My god she's actually going over there.    ...Ah my god!" As one approaching the car did his dog begin barking rather frantically at causing her to be spooked somewhat. "What am I doing?" Those very words, that very fear squeaked in her tighten throat, “he's gonna think I'm mad, hell I think I'm mad." He'd reclined his seat and couldn't see her as she pursued upon him, but his dog alerted him to the point he rose and looked toward the window, right into her face. "May I help You?" Tiffany thought she would die, she was, she was dying, she'd never done anything so stupid in her life. She thought she would fall right there in the street, in the traffic, her knees were weakening, her legs trembling, her heart was in her throat, her stomach, she was sick. "Miss, is something wrong?" Gulping hard, god! She hoped she'd hadn't swallowed her tongue, for she couldn't speak, she couldn't make a freaking sound. "Miss?" Being of utmost concern after her, that she’d abandon her own vehicle, came upon him a stranger among all strangers "are you all right? Uh huh," as a sort of hiccup.  “No, no, my friends, they, sort of, you know,” displaying herself terrified, not because she felt threaten, but somewhat dumb- founded. He wasn't a monster, but quite the gentleman, one speaking with such grace, such passion and with a darling accent, only forceful when he ordered the dog to be silent.  "I’m sorry, sorry I bothered you," instead backing off, retreating did Tiffany get back to the car as quickly as her weak legs would go. Diving into the back seat, covering her head in shame, she'd made a damn fool of herself. “Ah my god, are you insane?” The both of them bursting their sides at thinking it was so hilarious did Tiffany's throat began to tighten the more, eyes tingled, heart pounded as she felt such the idiot. It would seem she got back just in time, she could feel the car moving faster and faster, getting as far away from him as possible. "You can raise your head now, yeah he's made his turn, he won't come for you Tif until night fall," the both of them yet cracked up, finding the whole thing painfully amusing. "Ha, ha, ha," slowly unveiling herself into a push upon their seats was Tiffany herself wondering what mental breakdown inspired her to do such a thing. "My god I can't believe I did that, tell me I didn't just do that? Ah you did it" Erica as did Susan yet taunted her, herein making their way home as quickly as possible. Obviously their not realizing the accident which held them up for hours. All the police cars and ambulances they were passing was an accident involving Susan's man friend Syefan Erin and Tiffany's fiance, Michael Day, one of which had been killed. They paid very little attention to the wreaked cars, the massive chaos, but how could they have known?

                                               ...Even Unto God With My Voice...
                                                                Scene II

      -“Have you South ever been with a woman? I've never been married" leaning into this table, into that hot cup was this such the out right cross-examination "so no I've never been with a woman, a wife, and you're thinking this is something possible between us or are you here to let me down easy? I think Kristen if we both decide, if we make up our minds. I'd decided I wasn't going to marry you know" did a somber South Lee sit laid back at piercing pretty eyes, this sinking feeling along his nearly emptied cup. "I know, first Andy and Maddy, then this amazing marriage between North and Neferteri, again I know" as one smiling agreeably, pleasantly at the thought of his two impossible younger brothers now married. "Not that those two relationships are going just perfect but at least I'm more of a believer, there's something South I must tell you. Something I should've told you awhile ago, Symphony and I are more than just friends South, we're lovers, we have been for some time now. Eh" with a face freezing into an appearance of awe, was he indeed dumb founded at the very thought. "I didn't," he didn't know what to think, say as she'd in ways indescribable dropped such the bomb on him. "I mean I didn't even, we haven always been, you know it just that one day we decided we were more than just friends. I know what you faithers think, us faithers? You people South with faith in the Supreme, in what He say, I'm puzzled,” as one leaning in that he's to privatize their more than controversial conversation did South Lee Whitehead possibly smell as good as he looked. "What is all this talk about you and the Juttah? What is that suppose to mean? It mean Kristen, it is also one of the reasons I'm considering marriage, I rather marry than burn, I rather marry than end up on the hill of ill-repute. My god" As one falling back into a worry of her cup was this exactly what she was talking about, "you don't really be, yes my Supreme Kristen I do, evildoers, the ungodly things we got away with in other parts of the world Krist, man and his kind have always demanded religion while to the Supreme Father righteousness has always been the necessitate. There are grim-reapers there, reapers?" As though she's to mock him but was Kistren genuinely concern about her choice of lifestyle, had been for a while. "Reapers that will come immediately upon violators right? I wouldn't play with these things Krist, the African Juttah is like the Supreme has taken the spiritual guardians down from the garden of Eden, calm down,” seeing how dramatic and loud he’s to become at drawing the attention of others all around them, “please keep, reapers with purpose to rebuild and purify it, and only those Kristen serving him with pure hearts are those capable of residing there. Ah come on South, I don't believe that, and whose to say what Symphony and I have isn't of the Supreme? Is it what He in the beginning created? I mean that is what the Supreme's Christ’s Cross is about, restoring for all eternity that first intended. If it's not Krist what He in the beginning fashioned then it's a deadly result, its an agent of the curse, a blasphemy against the Redemptive Cross. I can't accept that" beautiful and quite enticing was Kristen shaking a head of denial South's way at knowing he'd touched on fears and concerns of her own but to admit them would be too godlike. "Go there to mock him, go there to die eternally, I, I, mean you must know Kristen all the stories coming out of the African Juttah aren't all heavenly," just as superb and as thrilling as his two younger brothers, tall, delicious, an eye and heart grabber, with such the invigorating spoor. “Some people because of discontent, because of their foolery toward pure holiness are waking up imprisoned or dead on the hill of hostile fame. So you're saying the African Juttah is prepared for the believers and none other? I'm saying those entering in better have hearts fix to serve Him and Him only or they're to have those hearts ripped in two, this is Krist the same Supreme set to cast millions of the rebellious into hell, despite having much love for them, {{{“yes South here," jerking his worrisome communicator into his ear South Lee had no plans at all at getting this upright and personal with her, with his proposed for the moment, future wife. "What did you say? Emily South" could South Lee tell North Lee was crying, that he was yet highly emotional, how those in the background were and with astonishing reason. "The twins, they live, because of Teri they all live. What is it?" Growing distressed of his distress, “wait a minute, what are you saying? Look South this is Court, could you just get here, we're at New York General, and something, just get here. So what was it? That was North, my cousin Court" raising slowly, even getting into his coat, as so like a gentleman assisting her with her coat was South Lee yet to apprehend what they were telling him, how Emily and the twins were dead,“he's really upset, we better go,” dead for a day or two but now because of Neferteri, North Lee's wife they lived, miraculously they lived.
                             ...In The Day Of My Trouble I Sought The Lord...    
                                                     Scene III

     “I was raped and sodomized by three of my classmates,” as one wiping meticulously at near to tear eyes, even a leaking nose at finding himself in front of a group talk section Collin Hain could not believe he was unleashing the darkest day and secret of his short lifetime. “The main guy had been making advances to me, although I wasn’t gay, these advances yet stirred my weak flesh into trusting him who was openly gay. This, this right here is my girl André, I, actually we lost one another for a while after this happen, but we’ve since found each other, we’re even engaged,” that he’s to pause at the applaud of a group of about twenty others young people. “I mean what can you say about feelings? I was horrified, the pain was unbearable yes, but the reality of what had happen. I wanted to die, and if my two cousins, Desrek and Soledad, both of them believers, in the Christ Lord I mean, if they’d not been there for me, well God have mercy I would be giving this testimony from the pits of hell no doubt. There is no evidence of this, I made sure nothing of this would be known beyond that hotel room and that’s ok, I’m not looking to bring charges, but that you be reminded. That you realize always and forever nothing in this world other than Christ’s cross is what it seem, especially with the Supreme personally promising strong delusions upon unbelievers. One of these guys have since apologized, he said something about a darkness had a hold of him, he could see and hear. That he could even feel everything he was doing and believing was all wrong but he was powerless to stop, he further say he just fell one day. That he stumbled upon his face and started calling on the Supreme Holy One of Israel and the dark presence illuminating as a light (the American Dream) was lifted off of him, like a weight unimaginable he described it, it’s a miracle he said, and indeed it is. To be honest it was an easier transition for him than it was for me, I simply wanted to crawl off into a hole somewhere and dwindle away to non-existence, though we being immortal, with a death judgment pending, this simply wasn’t possible. No matter how much it hurt me and embittered me and even horrified me, I had to make a choice, you have to make a choice because beyond this planet you have no control over your fate. Only he who created mankind has this power and no man has this claim, it’s what the Christ mean when he says don’t fear. Or don’t be intimidated by those who has power or who usurp power over your flesh, but has no power over your immortality, don’t fear them. You’re born dead, or with a death debt and God unto Christ’s cross is both proprietor and the redemption, don’t be deceived, the man you fear can only kill your body, the God you trespass against can kill both your body and soul in hell. The demon spirits of homosexuality and Lesbianism, of same sex relations and marriages are described in the Supreme's word as turning the truth of God into a lie, and as a result the Supreme promise malignancy would be rampant among these evil doers, this is why the lifeblood has been so tremendously compromised by what is described as HIV (Aids), this 20th /21st century holocaust. It’s true, making this choice, or these choices is your freedom, the Christ Lord died for your freedom, that you know the truth about the practices (freedoms) that you make, that when you make these decisions you’re deciding whether to walk with God (Christ’s cross) or against God (the children of the devil). This is what you have to be most concern about, God’s form of righteousness is about you knowing the truth and the implications, even the accountability of those decisions. We can’t worship God,” a stunning, truly inspirational André is to chime in as they’re to make these claims as a couple, “and he can’t be God to us, create this phenomena relationship with us if or when we make the wrong decision, do you fear God more than you fear death?. Say we’re in a discussion whereas we’re all talking about how we’re looking forward to spending eternity in heaven with God, and all the various ways we have of getting there. There’s the church we attend, the denomination we’re in, the known spiritual leaders we have, that we’re or you’re one of the most kind, charitable persons you know. Of course this list goes on and on and on and the Christ Lord walk up, the one who know even the words in our mouth not even spoken and say, that all seem good and right, but I’m the way, truth and the life, no man cometh unto, or enter into, upon the Supreme Father except by me. Then someone ask but how is it you’re the only way? And then he answer the cross, the blood sacrifice, the atonement for you, I suffered in my flesh, as God putting on flesh for this reason. That’s to completely make null and void the blood/sin debt against you, there is no other line of defense against this sin debt, by the shedding of blood it’s the second death, or the shedding of pure blood, immortal life, and all mankind’s blood carries a sin debt. This is why God, this single mediator created the Christ Lord as sin, who knew no sin, who was essentially sinless, not that he couldn’t sin, but wouldn’t sin as He’s the only one who could enter into the Holies of Holy offering up His Own Pure Blood for the salvation of mankind, (his name shall be called Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.) In other words guys,” as one scooting a rub of manly hands into the end of his seat, where the young people in attendance totally flabbergasted by these too. *“You may think the greatest decision you’re to make is your choice of college or career, that is nothing and has been nothing but a subterfuge, the truth is you’re on your way to a grave, and when that happen whether or not you believed the Christ Lord will decide the fate of your immortal soul. Remember the Supreme Creator breath into man and he became a living soul, it is your God-ship, it can, and shall never, ever perish thus your most meaningful decision is immortal life, or immortal death as our God and not rebellious man, reign.”

                          ...My Sore Ran In The Night And Ceased Not...
                                                  Scene IV

     -"It's wrong Sym" packing her things, getting out was Kristen finally doing what the two of them had been contemplating for years "what else is there to be said? It's a perverted lust, marriage, heck union and nothing we do or say is going to make it right, is going to make it fit. It's just as well," as one put off did Ninth Symphony sit the window seal a sorry sort at how Kissten and not herself had enough nerves to finally call them quits. "You've always Krist been so double-minded about this whole, and what, you're not Sym twice minded? I'm not asking you I'm doing what I know is not only right but righteous, since when Kristen are you to judge what's righteous, you think what South Lee is seeking of you is righteous? I think it's what the Supreme intended Sym, I think anything opposing that is a curse no matter how right it feel or seem, I think Sym one day we're all going to have to answer to Him according to the lives we've lived on this earth, it's all out pleasures and those whose living opposite His plan and purpose will suffer not only in this life but in the life to come. So I need to find me a man is that it?" As one intensely mocking Kristen, her ability to come clean at showing herself all the more wise, "if I'm to be complete I need a man completing me? You need to find forgiveness, for without it Sym we become a party to that in which we hate, we become the hypocrite, a hypocritical perversion. We pray daily that we're not by the Supreme to be lead into inducements and corruption, but what about our own will Sym? What about those profane, unnatural lusts abiding in man's heart, tempting and provoking us that we're to be lead a whoring all the days of this life, these temporal pleasures cursing us for all that is eternal life? My god, you have changed, this isn't change, this is illumination, what have I said just now Sym that you didn't already know but withdraw, but is jettison at practicing because actually it's not the Supreme’s will that is to be achieved but our own? And my god Sym don't let us suffer according to these foul practices of ours, then is He a Supreme totally unfair at forsaking us,” as one finally getting the last of her packages out, shoes, dresses, books, that she's not to have a reason to return. “You see I know the marriages people are to have without vows of commitment Sym, what those of same sex, even binary marriages are to share in bed is wrong. How those practicing these unholy unions and reunions not only is the deception unparalleled but more so is their defiance of truth and sanctity, even sanity. I'm not trying to hurt you, I'm just tried of hurting myself, of abolishing Sym whatever manner of normalcy on this earth I'm to have. There is no normalcy here, that Kirsten is the illusion, not if we Sym set our thoughts, even our hearts desires above where our Supreme Father is, that supreme salvation that is a reconciling peace, but if we're surrounded with chaos even in our heart, we're worshiping the disaster Sym we're to avoid, we sleep with our deadliest enemy, our own insurrections and lack of forgiveness. What make you think South is to even want you now? Can't you see this isn't about South, I mean he's possibly the best thing ever, but this is about me Sym, it's about getting myself back to the place I belong, we all mankind, forever."

The Intermission: Christan Cros/Maaseiah Adonai, 1986-2016

                                     ...Draw Me, We Will Run After Thee...     

     "Hum, that's unusual, an abandoned, "you leave me alone, you, you bad dog, go on leave me alone! Pepper!" As one slapping his pant leg, kneeling into her obedience, valuing her did Christian Cros despite his efforts have a trespasser. "That dog should be on a leash" viewed as one finding and modeling her way out of the shrubbery where Pepper had apparently chased her. "This is her home and you're trespassing, I am minding my own business, you would do well to mind it away from that edge. So it's you," soon as one stepping into a clearing, at him displaying himself aloof that they were doing this dance again, it being the highway mistress. "We've got to stop meeting in such awkward situations, now why don't you step away from that edge before you hurt yourself. Maybe I want to hurt myself," audibly and visibly upset, crying even, was the perilous situation she was in deliberate to the point she was suicidal. "Maybe I even want to die! Now why would you want to go and do a thing like that? It's none of your freaking business! I see, but you're killing yourself on my mountain that is my business. It's him," as one wiping all to better herself, even to free herself, what a quagmire indeed that he’s to find himself in the midst of her greatest trial. "Mike, my fiancé, he died and he's been calling me to come to him, here," as one romancing that very reality, even insanity did she turn again into an amazing sunset, "to our favorite place, so we can be together forever, this is the only way. So he didn't love you? Yes." turning hateful at him, even violent at gnashing the teeth at him, at that very accusation "Yes he loved me, whoa, what kind of a damn question is that? Hey!" Cautioning hands of his flew up at regulating the pressed as this hour, that she was indeed this close to getting her ludicrous wish . Hey, Calm down, all I 'm saying if he loved you he wouldn't be telling you to hurt yourself, let alone kill yourself, ah what do you know?" Maneuvering again into the awesome pink yonder did Christian grow silent at addressing the uneasy situation. This beast of beauty he'd deemed her could easily fall and that would be her end, how if he tried saving her he could fall as well. "I don't know," visibly as one completely losing herself at not hearing or seeing Christian drawing close enough to save her, had she come even closer to the cliff's edge. "I keep asking him how, but he won't answer, god he won't answer, he just tell me to come, to come after him, Mike?" Harmfully turning into the abysm's edge with mangled thoughts uselessly reaching out into a void, her feet slipping, her balance, running, diving was Christian pulling her to the earth just prior to her plunging to her death. "No, damn it!" Pounding a stinging fist into the brute force of him, of course it didn't matter he wouldn't let her go, "let! Me! Go!" Screaming, kicking and fighting him, "woof, woof" as so with Pepper dancing and barking was all this frantic, flailing and screaming causing Christian to be so disengaged, so mentally throttled about his next move. "Quiet Girl!" He could only hold her, trap her until she got tired, herein thinking this would draw unwelcome parties for sure. "You suppose to be helping me, showing me how to figure this out, ---I'll get you to your car and we'll decide things from there, how about that?" Lifting her into his stout arms, breast, carrying her to the car, standing her at managing the door, sitting her therein. "Why didn't you mind your own business? Ah believe me Miss, I wanted to, now how does home sound? No!" Rudely shaking the head at him, at grabbing a powerful arm of his, a sturdy decline, even disapproval "don't take me home, please don't take me home. Come on girl, Woof, woof," running and leaping into the back seat after her master's call, this while Christian sat contemplating his next move. Asking him pointedly not to take her home, he had no idea where she lived anyway. "Ah god Mike," seeing she’s to lay across the back seat, as one fearing getting the police involved would raise unwanted suspicions did he uneasily drive her to his house.

                                      ...My Soul Refused To Be Comforted...
                                                             Scene V

     -"Sitting in the dark?" A kind, quite handsome Phearson was to find her, was to draw remarkably close to her as these were above comprehension trials for them both. "Vince said you've been here all day," modeling the stunner he was into her, at fiddling in her long, sandy strands, as so to bath in her adorably tempting scent. "You want to talk about it? So how long were you two lovers? Excuse me, you and Vince?" An assured by these abrupt revelations Regan Central locked more than curious eyes with an in haste to abase himself Phearcson McPhearson. "Up until a year before I started receiving your letters, just before Rig this amazing article I read in the Paris Globe, that one written by an Apache Arrow Deburk, alias Alyn Tristian, One entitled ‘The Suicidal Confession.’ It was an amazing article Rig whereas Mr. Deburk is to compare homosexuals to blood farmers who perilously, monstrously and even murderously cultivate their gardens with this world's one blood supply instead of water. Thus diverting this single hemoglobin, at poisoning the world's blood harvest with a holocaust impenetrable, namely HIV-Aids. I tell you I was ready to pack and move all my, I can't Phearce put myself in, shhhhh I would never Rig put you in danger, never, ever, the test came back positive. Test?" Grave with an alarm sending his thoughts on like this roller, coaster ride of twist and turns at how Regan Central knew something he didn't. Indeed what test had he taken? When? Where? Even how and was deadly Aids this positive? "The pregnancy test," sweeping at creeping tears at pulling a few packed bag free was she obviously going somewhere, home perhaps as she'd been with him from her hospital release. "I'm pregnant with Henry's child, I'm so confused, I don't know, it's ok, we'll figure, how is it Phearce ok? I've been sitting here in this spot all day trying to figure this, wondering why I've been so greatly punished, it's not a punishment," did a tremendous after her with an infatuation indescribable Phearson come again into her inviting spoor, that stinging uncertainty. "Not Rig directly but that we're born into and are at limits with a prevailing calamity, hence Christ's Cross. I don't want to lose you, please tell me I’m, it's healing, I don't know Rig suddenly I heard a voice say, it's healing. How the nine months you're to carry this child will be a time of regeneration not just for us but all those involved. And once it's born we're to see something human, something wonderful come out of something horrible, something so inhuman. My grandmother Louise always told me we should treat trials and tribulations like storms that come and go so untimely. Storms she said can be very damaging even deadly but once Rig they're passed, these clouds of illusions, how nothing is the same. How we're to see a brighter day, see and comprehend Rig in ways at first eluding us entirely. I don't know, ah baby we can do this! "We?" Wrestling instead off, away angrily was she at better to cry, a back to him, after those specific get away bags. "What we? My made deranged proposed Phearce raped me, leaving me for dead and managed to slip up and kill his fool self, my god leaving me with these impossible remedies. He also killed you, killed us Rig, the devil's very aim, but like this unborn growing inside you we're both to metamorphose into this newness of life as all things are possible with the supreme. I know baby learning of this pregnancy just made things a little more difficult but what else is there to be done? You're going to kill it? That's still Regan Central growing inside you, Regan Central and a man you knew and loved, not the monster Rig, but Herenton Egan Lowd the man. I'll admit Phearce this conversation is not going at all like I thought, I know, you thought you would use my ex-homophile lifestyle, this pregnancy as reasons that we're to go our separate ways. Only Rig, I want what was promised me in the beginning, I want the cleavage, do you know how greatly I desire at having you? How I want to cleave to Regan Central, how I want her, just her and none other for all eternity cleaving to me. That's what we as husband and wife are to share behind closed doors, what billions have song and can't perform, even in that marriage bed Regan is to be phenomenally above and beyond this reality. I've not lost my dreams Regan," easing a comforting sigh of release, even an agreement of his warm breath into the back of her head, those smell good, feel good, silky soft strands. “They've only for a time been placed on hold, perhaps on faith, that door. I got to think, I've packed as you see and will be off to Celeste so, I, I married you that night in the hospital, I made that vow to you Rig but most of all to the Supreme Host, I'm not only your husband but the father of that unborn. Why don't I Rig run you a soothing, hot bubble bath and we sleep on all of this, as to Rig digest it all and if you feel the same by morning I'll put you on a plane to Celeste myself, what say you? I say that sound so incredible, that my astonishing husband of the Juttah vows, is so astonishing, how can I refuse him? Good, a hot bath then, yes, and something to eat right, yes, right again, good, a hot soothing bath and dinner coming up."

The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy

     Unto Regan Central Whitehead and Phearson Mycal McPhearson was born their first son Herenton Egan Lowd III, their second  son Tyson Dimitri McPhearson and a son Skylar Mycal McPhearson and a daughter Brandy Eriel Whitehead

Breakage, The Rainbow Covenant                 

    -There's his video on youtube, this young black male is giving testimony about being taken into God's end time judgment, doing one of these horrid beyond imagined demonstration. How this female is standing before God, to be judged, could be one reading here, when God begin to reveal her greatest offense. Those not just against him, but the 300,000 people she mislead by a post on social media (facebook), and yes you heard right, 300,000. So if just the simplest of people can be mislead to this staggering number, how many not just people, but how many young people, meaning this generation desecrated, and the next, the Supreme's mightiest of concerns, and your offspring targeted mighty with death, how many has or will be mislead, by Kirsten Steward's celebrity, alluding to and now encouraging what to God, are abominations, how many?

                              ...I Remembered God, And Was Troubled...
                                                  Scene VI

     -"May I sit?" Did he indeed regardless of her lack of response help himself to a seat to her "my name is" shaking a necessary head at piercing a conceited grin his way "you don't have to tell me what your name is" Blain Daniel Cockaron was his name, tall, blond, deliciously and admirably muscular, a sure beauty "it's not like we haven't worked together the last five years. This is an amazing party is it not? Is that a trick question?" Did an insensitive Ninth Symphony cleft a smug allegation his way "seeing I'm anything but thrilled by this affair. Well Miss Artz your ability to be intensely melancholic seem to radiate itself throughout the chamber, I have no specific image I'm to managed so Mr. Cockeron there you have it. I'm in love with you Symphony, it is Symphony isn't it? I'm so immensely hot for, what is this? What do you think you're doing? Don't," barely touching her jerking away at cutting conflicting eyes down, away from her, from other onlookers. "Don't, don’t be offended please, I've been working up enough nerves for months, even years at telling you I've loved you since I first, who put you up to this?" Imagining all those despising her this much did stinging tear drops position themselves in already beautiful eyes at spreading along instantly wiped, flawless cheeks. "What kind of cruel joke, it's not a joke I assure you, I'm a firm believer Symphony we're not to know what we can have unless request are, how heartless is this? This is not cruelty, please, I do love you, I can't help my, goodnight Mr. Cockeron, you think I'm to make it that easy?" Negotiating this monstrous unbosoming toward her, an inflexible Blain Daniel was all the time impeding this to her ridiculous challenge. "This can't be happening, I’m, I’m," she's a lesbian is what she wanted to say, this would be her defense, her favorable evasion, that she couldn't return said affections even if she wanted to. "You're standing in my way, you're to make me love you? I only want to talk, please, if not here then a cafe close by, I won't Ninth Symphony hurt you, I only want to explain what it is, I don't believe this is happening, can’t you see that, especially, to, to me" and she wanted to say, especially by Blain Daniel Cockeron one of the most sort after bachelors at Jennifer Morgan. "Just come with me, talk with me, don't do that,” that he’s help with the additional tears getting down, at her, touching, clearing a tighten throat. “Don't freaking do, I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself, but will you please stop running from me,” as one always anticipating burying his fretful nostril, his equally irritable lips into her soft tresses. Honestly as one smooching and inspiring everything achieving such a honeyed, appetizing life as herself, yes plaiting her soft fabric nudeness into this famished lust after her, again a sweltering Blain Daniel imagined. “Please Ninth Symphony for once stop running from me, after we've talk you will leave me alone? If that is what you wish, then you’re to move, yes, sure."

                                         Blood Farmers, By: Alyn Tristian Whitehead                                                          
                                                   The Paris Globe, PG

Saints Habitat Restoration In Naturally Kaotic Situations

The Confession                                                                                                    05/21/2000

         I saw this implausible act of denial right before I did it, at the time I was watching old footage about the gay and lesbian movement in America. I remember one scene in particular, a young dying male screaming to both the medical and political boards “YOU’RE KILLING ME!” Immediately I thought, no, you’re killing yourself and now you’ve killed mankind. Is this not like the heterosexuals in this same country blaming these identical boards for both ancient to recent, just this flood of sexually transmitted diseases? It is here I am to know that sexual promiscuity in this country and thus the world is the holocaust, a new ritual of Russian Roulette, AWAKE! That you be aware,  that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you, as to pluck Ambers from the burning, Apb, The RAM… see, read more here,

                            ...I Complained And My Spirit Was Overwhelmed ...
                                                           Scene VII

     -"I told you this is the best spot," as a leader giving a new comer some of her investigative and editing tips was author/writer Phyllis an expert at her job. "Here they come now, always Pristan this spot, no later than eight in the morning you'll learn Milly’s Teen Bar and Grill is where the hottest teens hang out. Ok so who’s the tall beautiful Blonde, the one to die for?” That with cutting eyes did Pristan stir her cup into the slightest blow as she‘d wondered like most of the senior females after this particular hunk. “That my dear is Heus Agurus Coogan, senior debate, a book worm with a 4.0 grade average, he’s such a doll, he's voted mostly likely to rule the country, he's so incredible isn't he? Yeah, quite, ok the stunning Brunette, red jersy, Erion Kalen Steele, senior football, full back, wow Phyllis the awesome black guy, twisted locks, Preece Ebonee Be'le Kroff, which Pristan is translated Priest Black Beauty. Ethiopia Africa, senior debate, the class pres, actually he has the highest GPA in our class, one of the highest ever generated at this school. Clearly he's voted most likely to rule the planet, he is truly indescribable, ah yeah," again as one attending her hot cup like so, just as so blowing, sipping was Preece Ebonee such a colossal presence, really his entire table was. “How about, they’re twins aren‘t, yes, they’re twins alright? Covington (Coven) Aldin Hymm and Carrington (Carrie) Aron Hymm, senior football, the star full back and running back, both with 3.5 grade averages, they're voted most likely to succeed of course, of course."  As one biting into a fork now gone cold, even stale were these two fellows simply princes among all others.  "Besides Prisy a difference in weight, hair tint and style, they're identical and darling perfect. What? Girl, if you're going to be the school publisher you must know these things, ok what about him, the black jersey guy? Mounting, dark, superior, Syeward Graham Decorte, senior football, star quarter back, 3.9 grade point, voted most likely to charm the world, so, so beautiful, those gray eyes of his to die for. My god who is that one joining them now? That is Kwanee Francist Justice, part Korean and Jewish, he's an NBA hopeful, he and Philip Edward, the beauty he's talking with, 3.9 grade point average, those slanted eyes alone make him priceless, even Prisy edible. You might as well know he's engaged to Shaughnessy Coogan, engaged?” As not to take her serious they being so young, not even graduated from high school, how could they be engaged?  "That sound so permanent, well they meet here at Milly's every morning before class, there's another one, Heus' twin brother, another beauty you mean? Yeah, only they're not identical, his name is Agurus Heus Coogan, a book worm, a 4.0 grade average, he's studying to be an attorney like his father and uncle. He's Pristan been exempt from all senior classes because he has more than enough credits to graduate, and get this, he's in Paris France with his father. Ok how is it really that you know them so well? So I know their sister Karsiann, speaking of her" as to witness B. Karsiann enter the teen hot spot, did she as usual get much attention as she like her model/designer mother was so astonishing, even breathtaking. "Wow she's, what is she? Indian mostly, their beautiful mother is Jamaican/Indian and President of Dissuasion Fashion Center. That’s where Karsiann and Agurus actually look more like twins, she's really beautiful, yeah her entire family is. Karsiann is also a book worm, following her brothers with a 4.5 grade average, with enough credits to bypass the twelfth grade, therefore she'll be graduating with her brothers. Obviously she's captain of the debate team, voted most likely to be the President of the United States. Her party consist of Shus'Shan Artelon, Asian/Jew, Kwanee's first cousin, the Valiant Victorian of their graduating Class, her father is Mr. Nigel Artelon of the Artelon Oil Indrustry. The Rose Royce girl! See, you are paying attention, Shus'Shan's parents are definitely loaded, what about the gorgeous one with the blonde streaks? Wow I love her hair, Aslan Myreah Stuard, the school publisher, my boss, Aslan’s mother is the world renown Author/Publicist Corronda Stuard. Her father the well known Producer/ Director, Dexter Leon Stuard, and get this, yeah is your bagel as cold as mine? Yes but not a total waste, anyway Aslan brother, now get this, Dillane, Dillane, what is, you mean the world famous teen model, Dillane? I never thought he was born, but felled from heaven or something, that’s good, really, anyway, she and Karsiann are very close. Aslan as well has a 4.0 grade point and is voted most likely to be a grand success, they're really awesome. Then, what about the real pretty strawberry blonde? Amirah Jordan Coogan, her sister the famous teen model Shaughnessy Erin Coogan, she's captain of the cheer leading squad. Jordan and Shaughnessy's mother is CEO of the most popular fashion center ever, carrying a 4.0 grade point, she'll be studying theater arts and fashions following her mother and now her sister's career. As so last but definitely not least there's the strikingly beautiful blond Myreah Raine Coogan, her father found the now infamous Coogan and Coogan Real Estate Industry. Myreah Raine like the rest of her group is senior debate, a 3.9 grade average, very popular as they all are but unlike them Myreah is quite the little snob. What am I saying? I'm saying it's best not to speak to her unless spoken to, so what do you really think of them? Some of the most popular teens in the world you mean? I think they're what they are and will be what they want to be, you have to always remember Pristy, no one has hand them their accomplishments, they've worked hard to achieve. In few words they've gone to the level, when I say book worm I mean it, I've known them to turn down all sorts of invitations so it wouldn't interfere with their studies. No, if you're jealous of them, you're jealous of their hard work and sacrifices, they have thus attained nothing that relentless immolation and determination haven't afforded, well you seem to know them all well, like I said, it’s my job."

                                   ...Thou Holdest Mine Eyes Waking...
                                                    Scene VIII

     - "Ah man,” looking up from his drink at the bar did a cheerful Phearson find himself face to face with an astonishing thing. “I see you made it to New York, yeah, I see you remember, Ctentri right? Yeah I remember. I thought I would take you up on your offer,” happily shaking his hand, never could Phearson McPhearson imagined such the like. “Just how did you find me? Ahhh,” having glanced curiously around the night club soon seeing a kind wave of Branch Vincent, did Phearce seeing as well, get up, with this guess following, to join Branch Vincent. “I thought you told me you would never be caught dead in this place again, well Vince I guess you can say I’ve done a lot of dying since. I had to bring Ctentri here to you, he said he felt lead of the Lord, even the Holy Spirit, that he couldn’t let you Vince get away. It’s not of God, what?” Having a smile of uncertainty to whether Vincent was talking to him or Phearson, did he rub a nervousness as this into his slacks, a defective glance about at easing into a seat. “What you’re seeking Ctentri, it’s not of God and if Holy Spirits did indeed lead you here, that’s what I’m supposed to tell you, actually we, it’s what we’re to tell you. What make you, how, why are you so certain? You’re talking about same sex relations right, courtships, marriages? There’s only one god Ctentri that can give you what you’re searching for and it’s not the God of heaven, not unless He’s to abandon His Own Will for mankind, even this Christ Lord, Jesus. You ever heard of the Genesis, of Adam and Eve? Of course, I know about God, Ancient of years ago creating one man, and that one man Ctentri, not just male and female, but husband and wife. You have to then realize even painstakingly, this is God’s Will for mankind despite the passage of time, male and female, husband and wife. Yeah, yeah, you think I haven’t heard this all before, ok Ctentri, what is sin? What you mean what is sin? All unrighteousness is sin, but whose to say, sin is a transgression Ctentri, against the righteousness of God, and same sex relations fit under the banner of fornication, right? Unless you’re married, if it’s not, if Ctentri it’s not of God how will you ever justify it marriage or not? As so Ctentri when Vince say marriage, he’s talking about the physical conjoining of a naturally born male husband and a naturally born female, wife, hence God knowing the heart.  I know mankind builds freely upon what he considers his foundation only there is only one foundation laid, which hath been laid, and God by His Own Son’s Blood, hath laid it, we build, live and worship accordingly or we perish. People are allowed to transgress against God every day, twenty-four hours a day, it doesn’t mean it’s justified by God. Though that man, like God is free to practice his own will, he’s even free to kill and die but after this, I know, I know, reaping what’s sown, the judgment await. Though if sodomy can never be justified, not only is it fornication, it is a transgression against the body, it’s the one sin. That's a transgression against the body, the very body Holy Spirits want to take and make into the temple of God. The temple of God Ctentri is where God in all of His Glory, by the anointing of Holy Spirit power and mercy dwell, it’s The Christ citing, destroy this temple and in three days it shall be rebuild. Yeah, its what the Supreme Christ was describing to the Samaritan woman, how the cathedrals and the temples and churches and congregations would all be done away with. That for whatever purpose they served would now be performed individually within each believer, now serving God in Spirit and Truth and where not even the gates of hell could against it, prevail. But, but, it’s not possible, talk about away with the middle wall of partition, the entire assembly would, I know, like Jesus, they would fight us to the death, which Ctentri they do, all over this world, but without prevail, being fashioned by Christ to ascend. No, no still, what you’re saying that would make us like gods, more like the Christ Lord, who was God manifested in the flesh, making us Christian. My Jesus in heaven,” displaying a gasping sigh of bedazzlement at falling back from an attentive edge of his seat, of all he was seeing and hearing. Truly, the very implication, the sure glory, even divinity of what he was realizing, two of the most gorgeous men in the world, most of all what he was hearing. “Even guys if what you’re saying is true, I couldn’t do it, no, none of us can, as you say, do it, it’s why we have to surrender, why Christ's Holy Spirit and Apostleship is begging us to.  It’s why Ctentri we have to lay down our arms so to speak that they’re to do it, God’s will through us, you must be born again,” passing away into a blank awareness at quoting this especial Christ of them all, at thinking what indeed had he got himself into, indeed who were these guys? “Yes, but most of all Ctentri you must be willing, willing because the Supreme Heavenly Host cannot, and the emphasis Ctentri is on, can’t, they cannot go against your free will. Only as you reconcile with them, and yield your will forthwith do they then by a spiritual intervention inexpressible. Do they then begin to shape your heart, unto your mind, unto your soul into a holiness of the Lord Father Supreme, yeah the only sacrifice the Holy Lord will not despise. Ok, ok, it make sense, flesh and blood, sin, cannot inherit, this is why they hated him so, but they only got a glimpse of what you guys are telling me now. Yeah Ctentri but even this indication of God’s form of righteousness, right there manifested in flesh jeopardized and imperiled all things they’d believed and taught since Father Abraham.  And, and, what make you, how do you, what make you guys so sure? It’s the truth, the truth according to the living and righteous word of God, it is this greatest testament of all at God’s will for the spiritual will of mankind. We haven’t Ctentri told you anything that isn’t according to the living word, just ask yourself, what is God’s will for not only this life, but mostly for your eternity? As you just quoted, if flesh and blood can’t inherit God’s Kingdom, then how does flesh and blood then transform to Holy Spirit, how do sinful flesh become Holy? The Supreme Christ born of a free will, tempted at all points inherited God’s Kingdom because he gave over His will to the will of God. Yeah it happen to me right here, well not right here, up there, sitting at that bar, coming here was everything and all things. It was like clockwork, my favorite thing of all to do, then all of a sudden this particular night I saw things in a light.  Even in a revelation if you will, like I’d never seen it before, I know Vince I never told you this, but I suddenly glanced about the entire club and I said to myself, all these people are going to hell, and I’m going with them. I didn’t know it then, but it was a breaking through of the illusive veil pulled over our sense of spiritual awareness from our mother’s womb, a darken mirror even. Though now like you Ctentri, I begin to know and to accept and believe what was by Holy Spirits made known to me, so that’s Phearce, why you abandon the club. Correct, that’s why, this belief didn’t come easy, the truth was like stabbing thieves all over and through, and I was sick, really, because I didn’t want it to be true. I didn’t want the will I treasured so to be hostile to God’s will, even a hatred and a rebellion, but there it all was. There, in the Supreme's living word, forget choosing the will of a perverse lifestyle, though from my mother’s womb, I was a transgression against God as all are, cursed. Thus you  two, is the lesson of the woman with the issue of blood, not only that she was cursed, so was her womb and all mankind proceeding from it with Jesus the only Blessed HOPE! Everything else then Ctrenti being temporal hope, Band-Aids if you will, wow Phearce I never, me either, ah, Regan, so you guys are saying this is what has brought me to New York, to you two? We’re saying if this, as you say is the Holy Spirits will for all mankind, knowing the heart, they will not Ctentri leave you ignorant therein, again, God’s will, that mankind, all of them, us, are to dwell like Holy Spirits, in the House of This Lord Father, forever, Amen.”

                                ...I Am So Troubled That I Cannot Speak...
                                                      Scene IX

     -“What is this?” That sister Brave Heart is to lay lottery choices to his desk, had mother and father Deburk informed him, actually them, how’d she’d withdrawn her name all together. “That’s Sioux the result of our trial pool, look closely, you chose his name not once but three times? Which,” as one leaping up quite concern, was Nesting Brave Heart a perfect specimen of a female Indian, tall, slender, flawless smooth skin, faultless, long, straight waste length hair, superb facial features set behind glowing light brown eyes. “Is impossible, impossible Brave with man, but with God, with the Holy Spirit divine intervention totally possible. I thought you withdrew, I did, this is something we do at the Juttah Dorm, for fun, test, trials, it’s only real to those who invite this selection and he or she accept said invitation. Is that why you’re here?” Coming up, around to her, a seat to his desk at her, Sioux Noel knew this was the young man brothers Lion Wolf and Sabertooth thought so perfect for her, even most of the tribe, his being BFA’s files, but not Brave Heart, not Brave Heart at all. “I don’t know Brave Heart what you want from me, although it is only a trial I can’t just ignore this, right? That I’m to place my hand three separate times in a bank filled of prospects and pull this person’s name each time, you have Brave made it clear, even to him you don’t trust him, but now that you know he is BFA Files, does that change the way you feel at all? Does it Sioux for you, the wisest of us all? Only that Brave there can in this province be no other perfect match for you, but do you automatically promise yourself to him for this reason? I know, it seem so arranged and that was the one thing I liked about the promise, that freedom to choose, who, who would you choose? I could tell you, but it could only be between us, Kadesh, the Juttah Preece Darius, his name Sioux alone mean, Reconcile, be Holy, yes, I know. You don’t seem at all surprised, no, I’m not, did you know his grandmother, yes, she is Sia Juttah, good choice right? Only he doesn’t even know I’m alive, did you know he entered the pool? But why? Because he could, because he wanted to leave it all to chance, I believe he’s after Felicity Elaine Stuard, a lot of the young Preece entered the pool after she did, a whole lot. Will you invite Artz? Ah no, I think I’ll wait til next season, may I ask why, you’re hoping he go this season, but why Brave would you leave someone so perfect for you to another? I guess I’m not as brave after all huh? I invite him Sioux then what? Well if he accept your invite, you guys really get to see, talk and consider each other, then the nuptial trials, then the nuptial vows and dorms. Well there may not be any nuptial trial, even if so Brave it doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Well honey, are you afraid to spend quality time with him, that you’re to be intimidated by him? Maybe he won’t come, maybe after I invite him, he’ll refuse and that will be that. I’m sorry honey, I just don’t get it, if not this stunning young Preece, then who, what? Godspeed brother,” tearing into a tense hug of him, just one of her tall, terrific, simply perfect brothers, Arise Sioux Noel, at holding and keeping him for so long time. “You need a ride?” No, if I put pep in my step as Grand Rumah would say, I should arrive home before dark, thanks Sioux, I will inform you of my decision, tell aunt Eve and the others I said Godspeed as well, I will, Godspeed to you, be careful.” {{{“Hey, guess who just left my office, no, Brave, they did their trial run today, the promise, guess whose name she came up with not once, not twice, but three consecutive times, terms, BFA? Yeah, seem she doesn’t know still, but realize this can’t be a coincidence, she just left out my door, said she’ll let me know what, to be honest it didn’t, seem Apache it just confused her all the more, yeah, prayer, the only right, ok, ok, you know best, yeah later, hey, hey, you think we need to converse with BFA again or, ok, ok, sound good, thanks, see you later.”}}}

            ...I Have Considered The Days Of Old, The Years Of Ancient Times...
                                                   Scene X

     "What do you Cadence think about children, about bringing them into a world gone horribly wrong? I try Vince not to think about it, not in that way," with them both sitting relaxed back, hand in hand listening to his car stereo was the scene, looking down upon a multi-color lit valley indeed lovely. “I think of children as being a part of marriage and intercourse, that if you’re to marry then chances are you’re to bring new life into the world, believe me Vince the supreme know full well what to do with them. Such the expert answer, this is an astonishing view by the way, so when was the last time you parked here? My god Vincent was I so expecting that question, it was a few months ago. I was on a double date, blind date, double trouble if you ask me with Mike and his latest, anyway it was such the flop. Was it really or was it you being such the Miss goody-too-shoes? Ok I’ll admit I’m choosy about the guy I’m to, marry … my word did you see that, how we’re to lay our heads one into the other simultaneously? Yeah I saw that, we should Cadence probably find a chapel tonight. Ah now that’s out of the ball-park cute, by the way you smell so incredible, and she read minds too, what, you think I smell good? No," sitting upright did he find himself this tantalizingly mesmerized into his very blood stirring at her enticing perfume. "I think you smell incredibly tempting and I mean how to contain myself incredible. So tell me more about Vincent Maurice, first that's Branch Vincent Maurice," as one responding likewise to her playing and plaiting her lovely fingers into his, were they simply unspeakable together.  “Well, I thought I was gay, thought I had to be up until a few months ago, although I’m Cadence finding my way out, this is me, being here with you finding my way out. I’m happy for you, you’re not just to see the Supreme's divine light acting as a lamp to your path, but you’re to come into it, that’s the first step, huge Vince, step. Yes, I know there are strong forces trying to pull you back but greater is the light of righteousness anchoring your path, than these dark influences. Then Caddy I’m to say flesh and blood did not reveal that to you, right? Right, for sure, is that, that’s a shooting star! Yeap, we get a lot of those up here, wow that was incredible, you make a wish, yes,” inhaling, exhaling deep at wrapping her arms tightly into his along a head to his soothing shoulder was Branch Vincent Maurice, if only for this one night, already Cadence Nicole’s dream, wish and heart desire come true.

The African Juttah Infinite Genaology

     Unto Blain Daniel Cockeron and Ninth Symphony Artz was born their sons, quads, Tristan Carter Cockeron, Adamson Trenice Cockeron, Stephon Victor Cockeron, Richard Shakespeare Cockeron and a son born later, Beethoven’s Fifth Artz (BFA Files).

Breakage The Rainbow Covenant                       

     -How many people by the millions could a young celebrity being totally divergent of God's will for mankind, just this victorious herald in this nation and around this world, for the beyond damning, LGBTQ and P for pedophile, movement, just how many could be mislead with such corruptible announcements by persons as these? For an example, and why Holy Spirits forewarn parents, 1987, about the manner of influences they allow to come into the home via various forms of entertainment, (wicked devices). As one cleaning house past an episode of a famous talk show 2016,  my daughter in law had on, and to my own witness, I heard her and a famous celebrity guess encourage an audience of thousands, into national to international audience of millions how adultery could be good for marriage, no doubt that straight into a soaring divorce rate, and waking up in hell being enlarged for them, Awake, Apb

                       ...I Call To Remembrance My Song In The Night...
                                                    Scene XI

     -"What would you say Dillane to the infamous question inquiring whether or not teens should marry? I say with sexuality as it is today, the way our very lives are threaten, our hopes and dreams to live a clean life shattered. I would definitely have to answer that question with a question, how can clean teens take a chance not to marry and become content to live their lives with those they've avowed themselves too both abundantly and eternally? We must always remember Miss Askew sexual promiscuity has more than once brought mankind to the brink of extinction, I fear these times are just as perilous. Now you C'ezanne, what would you say? I say get over it, this is new millennia, the days of promiscuous free-love I remind you that should've never happen. That has been nothing but this agent of mankind's obliteration is over, it's now a wish to die a very painful, agonizing death. I mean with a growing campaign to banish unnatural, unprotected sex, finally to create a law that prohibits it, I say it's a last chance for clean teens to be fortunate enough to find true love and have that person through that love desire to spend out that eternity with them. This in no way Miss Askew warrants I got to marry for he/she's the last one, no Teens Genesis do and are falling in love. This is KeKe Askew," as one attending a spacious audience had her show, its broadcast become the most popular throughout the nation and parts of the world.  “And you've just tuned into Inquiring Minds, our guess today as you can well see are married king and queen teen Models Dillane and C'ezanne Aggart, the world's youngest married king and queen models in this country's history, as so this world. As you've heard they're here in response to their article in Dissuasion's Teen, Teen magazine,” that she's to display said cover, one featuring this awesomely beautiful couple on the months' cover.  “In this hours segment they're going to be answering our questions surrounding what has become Pre-Nuptial/Nuptial dorms. As so what is just an abundance of marriage proposals, as well as marriages among our teens, hence the primary question, have these hazardous times really been forced into this? Is this really what our teens want? Are they ready?" As one stepping down into a huge audience of varied people, especially teens, again at walking among them was Ke Ke Askew yet addressing a curious as ever audience?  "And if they're not ready, how do we their parents, guardians and overseers get them ready? The classes of New Millennia all over America will be or have already attended their proms There is an estimate that anywhere from 60 to 70% will re-enter the world not as friends or lovers but also as husbands and wives and there are a lot of people who think there has to be another way out for our children. Truly, as the Teen, Teen magazine inquires, when the home, the school, the church, the wealth, the racism, the prison, nor the grave work, what do you do?" "According to S. H. R. I. N. K. S. ORG., that’s Saints, Habitat, Restoration, In, Naturally, Khaotic, Situations, the word of the Supreme declare, Except the Lord Builds The House, He who Labor, Labor In Vain. Of course the article go on to say this is S. H. R. I. N. K. S. purpose to rebuild not only a people born but a people created according to that house of the Supreme and reborn in all likeness s the Genesis first intended. So," having made her way back to the stage, a seat aside an awaiting Cezanne Aggart had Mrs. Askew become such the world popular host. "Now Mr. Aggart here we are seventeen years since your own parents sat where you’re sitting have these times really been force into this? I say Miss Askew be careful how you use the word force, in the early days it was known as loving and marrying your high school sweet heart, it's no different today except that marriage is immortal. Unmistakably our parents and overseers see us as responsible adults when they give us a green light toward premarital sex, when they give us the protection, the pamphlets, the long talks, and long list of clinics. Truly, if I'm responsible enough to be trusted with that choice, with that Russian Roulette, suicide if you will, I'm responsible enough to be trusted with my heart, that never ending life blood. No teen Miss Askew I knew while attending school felt as if this was being force, they saw it as something to be treasured, as something sacred, even an incredible honor. What's even more important they saw it as a release from the pressures of on again off again relationships that rips your heart completely out, sometimes into places of bitter anger, forgiveness, unto to the point of no return, sadly, so many young people are devastated by that breaking, some even violently so. Mankind’s problems aren’t simply educational, financial and political, but at the root of all these ills is mankind’s primary problem, spiritual, even a displaced intimacy at worshiping lust for love. And there’s Dillane this difference? Clearly Mrs. Askew, honor and obey lust, you live in this world and die in the next, a practiced dooming mankind always as we speak. Rightly choosing the way of love mean you die in this world and live for all eternity in the next, it’s Mrs. Askew what the Christ is to mean when he declares how the husband is to love this wife, like he loved the church and gave (and sacrificed) himself for it. No, I think some parents look at their teens as children and their teens see themselves as young adults who're so ready, really ready. Well you and C'ezanne have already answered several questions, but how about those teens who just wasn't ready? Those teens who wasn't ready simply didn't get married, my god they're not being forced against their will, what kind of a marriage would that make? No the teens are strong enough, smart enough and patient enough to choose for themselves, if they're hindered of either there will no doubt be more disasters."

                             …I Commune With Mine Own Heart...
                                                  Scene XII

                            Regan Central Prayer, Our Father In Heaven                                                                                          
     “Father, the only way I’m to understand this unmerited grace out of such a horrid reaping of faithlessness is Christ alone hath gotten us all this indescribable for all of eternity victory, thus not to lean unto our own understanding, this fertile quest of rebellious man. Then you give me him, this inconceivable of a holy man, not to be or practice vainglory I know where I would be without him.”  A praying Regan Central not realizing, but sitting the floor, laying his head into the door post, eyes leaking closed, a smitten heart conjoin to hers, husband was as usual this close. “I fret father I admit, you knowing this heart, you once having given it, but not as fear, for fear is the penitentiary where marshaled at their contrived gates are damning fallen angels. But faith Father, Christ, though it too is a reformatory, it is a true, wondrous freedom of choice guarded and commanded by you of Holy Spirits, this strait gate, path to you, even to our Prince King, I read somewhere, Prince of peace. Somehow and as usual you’ve taken that desecrating the heart and by divine soil, it’s neutralizing blood revised to us a son, a Herenton Egan Lowd the III, so proud of him are parents Phearson Mycal McPhearson and Regan Central Whitehead, as always and forever trusting in all that you do, all glory and honor father be to you. Deliver our soul from the sword, our darling from the power of the dog, save us from the Lion’s mouth, for thou hast heard us from the horns of the unicorn, Amen precious Father, amen.” That when she had finished praying, did she tip toe as discreetly back into the room, calmly eased into the bed, where a pretending to slumber Phearson did lay topside, with her need be, being under protective covers, and gently laid her head into a soothing breath of her pillow even having this slightest smell of him, fully hoping she’d not by him, been detected, so beautiful for situation as always, Regan Central Whitehead, McPhearson.                                              
                            ...And My Spirit Made Diligent Search....
                                                   Scene XIII

     "I know Apache what you told me, how it’s all make believe but people are beginning to ask many questions, especially about this proposed Septennial. This is insane, you and I both know Sioux the closest these people will get to a true African Juttah is by way of the great gathering of saints, that for seven years the first resurrected saints will be suspended into a divine furlough. Herein knowing this and believing this one day I simply decided to call this little suspension The Septennial, it sound good. I never knew what it actually meant, none of it, I only just suppose Sioux you know that, I only just suppose.  Well what If I Apache told you this Juttah of yours have an heir, a Preece Ebonee Be’le, African bred and born and a following of young marriage worshipers inconceivable? They have this astonishing concept of your Juttah, that perhaps this seven year get away with Jesus Christ will or could be spent in an undisclosed area on this planet, between the original Garden of Eden and Heaven, an archetype heaven on earth. Now what is this Septennial, what does it mean, is it even a word? Of course Sioux it’s a word," as one moving important articles that brother Sioux is to make himself comfortable "it’s a biblical word, that's how I choose most of these words, from a biblical dictionary, but never Sioux for their meaning, for their sound and what that sound implicated. How is all of this possible? These things are only the imagination of my head, I created an African heir, this proposed deliverer to one day rule this nation and the world simply because it was something other than white man continuous rule and colonization of this planet, I understand that, still the word Septennial, what does it mean? I’m telling you you’re not going to believe me, it’s literally hair-raising that I knew nothing of its meaning prior, please, just flatter me. A Septennial is something that’s to happen every seven years or in sequences of the number seven, it goes back to the Jewish Shmita cycle, the Hebrew word Shmita Sioux is translated as Sabbatical, the Sabbatical cycle is a cycle of seven years, which HaSham commanded His people to observe, Hasham? It’s another name given god as not to take the Supreme’s original name in vain. It again goes back to the synagogue, the Torah, how the Torah is read twice in seven years. It is referred to, this seven year Torah cycle as the Septennial. I mean we’ve never Sioux thought of the great gathering, that’s to last for seven years as a form of sabbath but there you go. So when you indicate how believers, marriage worshipers of the Christ best arrive in the Juttah before the Septennial you’re saying before this final seven year shmita? Yeah," as one moving off unconvincingly at flopping into a seat, could Apache Arrow not believe he was being drilled this way, not about his more than ten year old fictional work, the African Juttah.  "If that’s what you want to make of it, that’s amazing, I know, how can something I made up out of the imagination of my mine come true? It can’t, not Apache without divine intervention. Yeah but It’s all crazy, why, why is it? Come on Sioux, a type of Moses, a world-wide exodus, and it won’t be the first time the Supreme has done something astronomically unbelievable with purpose to protect. To Apache safeguard not just a remnant of mankind, but his eternal will thereunto, yes like a Moses, a Noah, an Abraham and Lot, all indicative of that voice crying aloud, see thou hurt not the oil and the wine, all so His will wouldn’t be thwarted. When the Christ use parables, storytelling, to teach and unveil spiritual things, because said things are foolishness to those who don’t believe. Suppose Apache it was with purpose to all the more unveil the very character of Supreme Gods visible upon this planet now for the ancient? What is it? I can see your wild imagination brewing? I just wonder how much of your fictional material Apache is born from multiple prophetic and revelational dreams and visions pregnant with a glorious fulfillment that just couldn’t wait? How it all wasn’t just you supposing, but what supreme spirits had confirmed as unthinkable realities pending all looking through a mirror darkly. I’m reminded Apache of these dreams I had some ten or so years ago, one was my being taken by Holy Spirits on this journey, this long excursion along the identical path Moses and the Israelite took into Canaan land, and the other, well in the alternate dream I was approached by one who said to me, he want to see you and I said who, and he said him, when suddenly I saw an image, an elaborate figure with brightness in likeness to the sun move from behind a mountain yet it spoke, it spoke Apache and said, let my people go! Ah Come on, why would the Supreme bother with a world-wide exodus when all He’s to do is ascend into the heavens and call the redeemed up to Him? He's going to do that, just as He promised but who’s to say Apache how once the church bride is glorified, the marriage supper and all, that this unthinkable blessed hope won't be spent in the Garden of Eden allowing this redeemer. Remember many people Apache when present-day systems, Babel is smite suddenly killing and scattering many, what will happen to millions of refugees, not only in Europe, Africa, England but the Americas? All I’m hearing Sioux is somebody here has been deceived and I don’t think it’s the supreme, no, remember when the Christ told the disciples how there was much still he was to tell them but they couldn’t bear it, perhaps the Supreme spirit gave you in very fragmented details of revelational intelligence what the next and final heaven induced era of mankind was to be like because they knew Apache straight-out you couldn’t bear it. A world exodus and this Preece Ebonee Be’le is a present day deliverer, meaning Apache (Preece, Black Beauty) yes, sort of, but not Apache he himself alone, not by far."     <<<"I still can’t believe it Vince, your father is the world renown minister/evangelist Paylor, you know we recognize him as our spiritual teacher, and mentor, yes I see it on your face, despite all the controversy, he’s such a spiritual giant. I just can’t believe it, wait until I tell the others, I mean you don’t mind if I tell the others right? Of course not, it’s not a secret I just don’t wear it like a banner on, and you have how many siblings? There’s eight of us in all, one died in child birth so seven, four boys and three girls, I take it you don’t see them that much? No, but soon I figure. Which remind me," as one easing a play of his hand into her lap did Cadence Nicole upon exiting the auto have a bit of concerning news. "I’m going to be away for a few days, a couple weeks actually, Washington State, I don’t understand, Jason, my on again, off again fiance has asked that I come, that we spend some time together, talk, see if we can resolve our differences. I know I should’ve told you something sooner," as one readying the door that she’s to make an exit although Vincent didn’t know her that well did this not seem like her.  "But everything happen so fast, so, no Caddy, it was naïve of me to think there wasn’t a special someone in your life, I mean you’re perfect. Yeah but I didn’t mean to lead you on or any, you didn’t, you’ve been the perfect lady, friend, I kind of lead myself on, does this mean you won’t be accompanying us, me to New Africa? It’s difficult that I’m to know at this point, you don’t strike me Caddy as one whose to be undecided about things so personal, even so permanent, I’m not usually, which is why I think I need this time. "No," that he’s to open his door, get out as well, see her to the house "I’ll be fine, I’ll call you as soon as I’m back in town, if that’s OK? Sure, of course, then I’ll talk to you then, yes, you be safe, yeah you too. By the way I like what you've done with your hair, thanks, it was my barber's ideal, she thought it accent my eyes more, it does, you are Vince even more drop dead gorgeous, if that's possible, see you when I see you, yeah Caddy, see you when, I, see you.”
                                   ...Will The Lord Cast Off For Ever?...
                                                    Scene XIV

      -"Look, I know I’m probably the last person you want to see, why is that Vince? If we’re anything we’re still friends right, civilized at that? Just sit, calm down and tell me what’s bugging you, Cadence and I Phearce went out the other night," standing instead against the kitchen sink, arms fold, legs crossed was he as his now close friend Phearson McPhearceson such the stunner gentleman. "You and Cadence Coledalay? Wow Vince, wow! Yeah, exactly wow, that’s how the entire night was, this wow, beyond description event, only Phearce I haven’t been able to reach her since, you know, I been, what are you saying? I’m saying it’s as though it was all a dream, Cadence Nicole did exist right, she wasn’t simply a figment of my imagination? Ok now Vince you’re freaking me out here, of course she exist, tall, stunning, model perfect, yeah so extremely sexual, I hadn’t thought of that before Phearce but yes. I Keep telling myself maybe I said too much, maybe she changed her mind, or was simply leading me on all the time, you know. Vince," laying comforting hands to each of his broad shoulders, how as long as he’s to know him and love him had he not seen him this frazzled, dazzled about anything other than his work. "You have got to calm down, there has to be a logical explanation, there’s just has to be. Look, you wasn’t there ok, it was literally Phearce not of this planet, we were that extraordinary together, just, actually beyond perfect. Ok so you tried to reach her, what happen? Nothing, her communicator just ring and take messages upon which I’ve possibly left a thousand. So you go to her place, you know where she live right? I know where her files say she live but I’m terrified all the more Phearce I’m to discover this was all again a fabrication, that’s all. Did you Vince go out with her or not? Because Cadence Nicole is real, she’s as real as you and I, now did you and she have this date or were you dreaming? Ok, I’ll go to her place, good, that’s a very good start, you’re not talking to me like I’m an imbecile right? I know I am, but still you’re not doing that right Phearce? You know how very upset you’re to make me whenever you do that, go Vince, find her and when you do call me and let me know it’s a small world after all. What? You see that’s exactly what I’m talking about, just don’t do that, ok, I won’t, I’m not." With a charming as this Phearson McPhearson pushing him right out the door, did an alarm as this Vincent Maurice not want to do this alone to the point he wanted to bring his friend right with him. "Ok, ok I’m going, you don’t have to put me out, if I’m delusional I’m pretty sure Phearce it’s not contagious. I’ll call you, good Vince and good day, I love you, yeah Phearce me too, you sure you don’t wanna come with me? Ah Vince I’m really sure, you can do this, you‘re a big boy, ok, all right, your lovely wife is waiting on you, I get it, hello Regan, hello Vince, goodbye Regan, yeah Vince, you too."    

                                And Will He Be Favorable No More?
                                                    Scene XV

     -"What did you tell the earthers?" Had a loud cry unlike anything even Gabriel is to denote concerningly just radiate itself across heaven, earth and even the regions of hell, would said cry uproot and bring to Satan’s fading seat every fallen angel and demonic entity in his marshal. "You know what I told them?" With nothing but two glistening lights cutting through the darkness all around Him, his this divine one’s eyes. "I told them the great wrath of the Supremes’ Day is come and who evil one shall be able to stand? You lie, these are all Lies!" Angrily crashing a huge container to the floor at radiating a loud, dulling noise all around, had things, ancient plans so purpose faded into oblivion, "nothing but lies. What is happen? I assume the tradeoff didn’t go as suspected? Tell me the truth delighted one or I’ll pluck your wings one by one, that black warden would take an eternity and you don’t have that manner of time. Yes," as one laying a single finger for thinking to his chin, could Gabriel not believe he was going alone with these ridiculous events, but all for the fulfillment of prophecy. "Seeing you’re to have one wing per angelic host, regard-less, Lord Urusalim is the concluding factor of the Supremes Kingdom, both a lineage of the anointed and mankind. Yes Hallow One and I’m but a member of His royal palaces, it is ill-advised to think Prince Israel is to trade me for Her, perhaps this is why He has loosed them. Them my immoral custodian? Them, the four bond angels, the Prathes, Asia, the Armenian mountains, "ahhhhh," developing a manner of mal-contempt on his own, a spinal cord shivery but was this news concerning for him as well, that even as every revelation sicken him to death, his intended reign falter mightily. "That is to mean Lord Darkness, Apollyon will no doubt follow, then there’s to be nothing for you to rule but a greater formation of ruin, chaos and eventually a black void. Not your spirited, winged one if I take heaven’s throne, having Lord Urusalim at my side there is no other reality, don’t you this profane warden mean fantasy, I mean who is your consultant and to what magnitude is his intellect impaired so? You laugh now mightily winged one but one day the whole of heaven will view me from the bottom of darkness as even as you, I am Gabriel, heavens man, I’ve been at this with you Lucifer for as long as His Highness is Ancient, hear thine brother so forsaken by you and yours when I tell you, only His Ancient will has and will continually be done, you know this and yet you still persist, you Lucifer Once so mighty and true, know this. I know nothing, and you are released for all days, years and ancient to come, I have no further use of you, so now Lucifer I’m thine enemy because I tell you the truth, your truth Ga-bre-el, your truth, now be off with you, be off with you forever!” <<<"No Lord I strongly disagree" having come in on many conversing, even the Ancient Throne, the Twenty-Four Elders, “one, he won’t harm Lord Gabriel, two he can’t kill him, nor hold him prison against his will, thus and so, three he know Lord Urusalim will not be traded for him. This my Anointed Cherub isn’t at all as it appear, no it would seem my Lord Holiest it’s with purpose that Lord Gabriel most of all is to be taken out of the way. Lord Michael," as one showing a sign of relieving himself at coming in on the most astonishing debate of all eternity, as all eternity was involved. "I’m pleased you’re to join us, and of course Lord Israel you’re right, but only partially, this mounting treason is to diminish Gabriel’s surcharge but isn’t it Lord Michael, Holy Cherub, testament with purpose at distracting us from more developed plans than these? If my Lord He’s to rule these heavens as he’s persuaded for the ancient then he will no doubt stop at nothing, and my graces I mean nothing that Lord Urusalim rule even at his right hand. So," with such highlights springing the Supreme's Christ abruptly to his feet, as one visibly uprooted by this inclusion, these projected yet perverse revelations were this divinely extrusive. "Then the war that is to end all wars is upon even the third places of heavens, you Dominion as the intact allocation of these heavens have your orders follow them well and be release accordingly, as you will Lord Highness. "So," setting a clear inquiry Michael’s way had the heavens of all things that is, was and yet to come back brought back to its most trying times but without corruption’s prevail. "Who can’t I trust? You’re right Lord Anointed One if you’re to think they’re to come for her, come Lord in a way and by a way we’re not to expect, even through or by a host of this holy mountain. But that would mean the possibility would be undetectable seeing said host is innumerable, believe me Lord Michael when I’m to say it is one of us and we’re to put the immeasurable contributions of these consecrated antechambers to work if we’re to discover the identity of this scandalous interruption. <<<"Speak to me," as one knocking on Gabriel’s penitentiary at bringing his attention again his way, at inquiring of his earthbound mission still, “are you ready great one at speaking the truth, and what truth lowest one, bottom feeder would that be? The Earthers, what did you tell them? First you set me free, then you bring me again into this dark waste of time, where I not only see, but can smell your defeat so mightily, if you must know I informed them how it is the fulfillment of all things is upon them, thus and so whosoever shall call upon the Supreme's Christ shall be saved. What?" Dramatically displaying his disapproval did this news above all immensely disrupt him, even his varied plans. "That would mean Black of the day no more churches, no more congregations or denominations and so on, no more preachers preaching, hitherto no more ways darkest corner by which you’ve slain a myriad. So that’s their new hope? I’ve sensed the very stench of it in my nostrils and thus upon my readied tongue, but that is OK, every one of them that’s to cry Lord remember me will do so screaming from an agonizing abyss. By now Lord Lucifer the host of heaven would have realized the reason by which you’re to keep me are fallacious at best, making said speciousness your permanent death trap. Ah I’m dead your most honored but so is all things that’s to stand in my way, then loose me and lay down quietly black of the evening sky, loose me and lay down quietly."

The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy

     Unto Branch Maurice Vincent and Tennyson Natali Russell was born their first daughter Cadence Nicole Vincent, and a son Dante Branch Vincent, and a son Scarlet Carlos Russell

Breakage The Rainbow Covenant                           

     -Well, they were funnily encouraging it's audience of thousands sitting, and multi-thousands, even a million watching how adultery could be beneficial; yeah, to increase the divorce rate and those waking up in hell because of it. This is why his Apostle say, stop being deceived, stop deceiving yourself, and most certainly stop deceiving others, all for which the Apostle Paul  hath said. That's if any come teaching you anything other, than God's Righteousness, there's only one, Jesus, let them or deem them, accursed. "I beheld the transgressor and was grieved," because here, thousands of years of Christ, of gospel outreach, of prophecy, "they keep not thy word."
                                       ...Is His Mercy Clean Gone For Ever?...
                                                        Scene XVI

     -"How will I Celeste ever get those images out of my head? Ah god Rome baby I don’t know, and Rig, it’s as though she blame me for finding her like that, it’s not that, it can’t be, Nall babe, what Rig is to endure is completely impossible, I shutter to think where she would be if she didn’t have Phearce, and just Celeste how is that? I mean how will Rig ever explain how she’s to have a husband so soon after her fiancee violently attacked and raped her, I’m her best friend Celeste in all the world, we are and I don’t understand it.  I  know, I know, love at first sight I guess, or if one is to believe in miracles, all those people are going to believe is how convenient it all is for them both, that it was all premeditated somehow.  I’ve been in the presence of their accusations and if I’d not had alibis I would be accused of manslaughter, rape and attempted murder, no doubt Celeste, no doubt, Now, I’m telling you Rigs defense team her brothers or not are wondering how they too are going to explain Phearce McPhearson, now Regans husband.  You remember the scripture, the story of Joseph, how the Holy Spirit had to convince him the child Mother Mary carried was of the Holy Spirit or he was going to put her away, this Rome is why I said, perhaps the only way to understand what this man has become to her and for her, is to look upon the miraculous. Wow wife, what a perfect example, even so Rome I say you pray, what are, about those images you said you can’t get out, pray that the Holy Spirit help you with that, ‘remember, I will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed upon me, God, or something like that.”     >>>”Regan told me everything while we were in that kitchen, how her fiance raped her, beat her within itches of her life and how he slipped up in the shower killing himself, leaving her to die as well, I felt kind of guilty that she trusted me, a stranger with such things, so I figure she just really needed to talk. She said she doesn’t know what’s worse, her fiance attacking her and dying like that, or her best friend Roman Neal finding her naked, battled and bruised like that. That she haven’t been able to face him, doesn’t know if she will, of course she will, time Cadence will find a way, it always does. So I’ll see you tomorrow, no, I’ll be with Mel all day tomorrow and then I think I’ll take a prayer group to the hospital and get Mike healed and on his feet again. I guess this is goodnight then? Yeah, goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let your dreams and nightmares Vince bite. So should I walk you to the door? No, I think I’ll sit out for a while, think on some things, that’s really special of you, believing, trusting and interceding for Mike’s healing like that. I still can’t believe she’s dead, do you know how many times I was reminded to call her today only to realize repeatedly she’s gone? I been imaging how she's to look tomorrow in that casket, how will her hair be, what kind of outfit, her make up? Well you know that won't be her, you know that right? It's the temporal house she was in and that’s all, it won’t be her again, glorified as such, until after the resurrection of the righteous dead? Heck, Melrose could actually be more present with you now than she was alive, no more bondage, as she's now a free spirit. I know Caddy if I'm a believer of such things how, well, would you believe I've been around believers all my life? Choosing a homophile lifestyle didn't have anything to do with my belief or like thereof in God, but that I'm to honor and obey my will above God's will, you know the flesh want what the flesh want. You want to know what got me, I was reading the Paris Globe, this guy name Sioux Noel Deburk who asked the question if there is no God who created the concept of righteousness, forgiveness and love? How from the first man, marriage, Adam and Eve we learn how vulnerable we are, how self-serving, even corruptible. That Vince from the first siblings, Cain and Abel we see how monstrous we are, how we're lying, murdering, saboteurs. Thus cursed mankind without divine intervention is totally incapable of charting a course for godliness, as so there's no way it's to come from Satan whose the very epitome of evil, or Caddy demonic forces, who're despite fully cunning, as so wicked continuously. Hence the inquiry if there is no God who inaugurated the concept, who introduced the philosophy of righteousness? In others words no man, no hands of man, no manpower, it's impossible that it's to come from anything other than the paranormal quite divine. I guess you're right, man can choose to do good all his days, but that good isn't righteous, as within his heart, from within his heart he's potentially wicked. I had not known sin, unless the scripture had declared, thou shalt not covet, I think Paul said that. This Vince is a terrible place, just listening to Regan tonight, about her once exceptional intended, as so imaging that a person as special as Melrose is gone, taken so suddenly. How mankind daily are nothing but brute beast continually, man slaughters, could a place like the African Juttah really exist, would it? I mean whose truly worthy? According to the Holy Scriptures all those who love the Supreme's Christ, and look to His reappearing, yeah but suppose we get there, this Juttah and it's impossible that we're to return, I mean how can you go to such a place, this ultimate, god made, paradise on earth and come back to hell on earth? I best go, I have this impossible day tomorrow, I could be there you know, meet you, you don't have to do this alone. That Vince is so tempting, but I want to do this alone, I think I need to, I love having you around, in my corner so to speak but I don't want to lose me, does that make sense? Yes, sure it does, then I'll see you when I see you, yes, I like that, I’ll see you when I see you."  

Intermission: Phearson McPhearson, My Dearest Regan Central

     -Right now I’m kicking myself, I can’t believe Phearson McPhearson has been reduced to writing a letter, on paper, there’s to be stamps, a post office, mail carrier all, but you Regan make it seem so effortless, and I’m just terrified. Don’t do it, I know I have no right to ask you not to give up the fight, that I’m totally worth it, that I’m Regan infected with desiring you. I must have you, that is clear, since I found your first correspondence, it’s just does something  to me every time I hear from you, I’m in love, there I said it.
     -I know, I don’t know you from Eve, nor you me from Adam, but I think I care, I know I want you, I know I want to be there, there were you are rain, sleet or snow, even for better or worse, my god this sound like a proposal. Will you Regan, marry me instead of this Herenton, be my wife for life? I just know there are things I’m to share with you that I’m at limits to describe, even kicking myself again, every now and then as I write.
     -Is that why Regan, is this why you write, it’s so easy to put on paper what’s in one's heart? I know I’m in love for I don't care anymore, just wherever you are, I want to be there. I know, I’m not making sense, fumbling and tumbling over keys, thumbs and songs, why don’t I just straight tell you what I want. You talk of cleavage like it’s this supernatural gift, that you’re to spread around finishing Christmas wises, but no, it’s more like the manna fallen from heaven. This one time special miracle, and only as you follow God’s strict instructions will you even know what do with it.
     -Ok, ok, stop it with all the laughing, I’m awful at this despite all the wishes, I guess now I’ll try a prayer instead, there’s no real reason why I'm so afraid? Not you Regan, you are everything and beyond, the most beautiful sunset, the most stunning water fall, ah my god spring floras, and there’s nothing like giant snow flake all over the place. Though none of which compare, even though I’ve never seen your face, I’ve seen it’s heart, I now know it so well, there is no place on this planet I would rather dwell, than in your bosom so very well. From Beast of Beauty, By Patricia Bradford, fea. Regan Central and Phrearson McPhearson

                          ...Both His Promise Fail For Evermore?...
                                             Scene XVII

     -“So any success deciding our faith? You know Lindy I can’t say” sitting into a lunch table were Brittany, Rose, Douric, Lindy with an acceding Ninth Symphony joining them, truly the whole gang was there. “I will post the names this afternoon as usual, my gracious Sym what an exquisite bracelet” unyieldingly all attention except that of an obstinate Blain Daniel was fixed on a now flushed Ninth Symphony's smooth wrist, “and ah my god, there’s a matching ring, yes my husband gave them to me as a wedding, your husband?” An evenly overwhelmed Brittany brought all eyes, and indeed itching ears, those of Rose, Lindy and Douric into Symphony’s paradoxical unbosoming. “You said husband” keeping her eyes set into their lunch table, my husband Blain, Blain?” One by one with awe-inspiring unbelief they looked with sheer amazemen and awe his way, “married, you guys are married, when the hell, but how is that possible we thought you Sym was you know?” Well Blain made me an offer I couldn’t, --- refuse,” as one leaping into his apparent refusal at getting instead away, Ninth Symphony knew it was now or she’s to lose him forever. “I was suddenly reminded I could get pregnant and that terrified me, not with one child but multiple, I panic ok?” Seeing him pause momentarily into this surreal confession, listening, did they have the attention of the entire lunch area “I know I shouldn’t have ran, I know I should’ve discussed these things with you but I was hysterical” turning into an actual appearance of her, this principal being of his heart, mind and soul. If there were certain things about her Blain Daniel especially liked it was her light brown eyes or perhaps that smooth, lightly caramel skin, appetizingly flawless, or those tresses of hers that were even more gratifying than he’d first imagined. “You’re right,” swabbing at the slightest spill, as surely she was at not believing they were doing this in the midst of their co-workers considerable cafeteria and thus congregation. “It was very confusing Sym waking and finding you’d disappeared, I know, baby I know,” raking wayward strands away from those purely imposing green, tearing eyes of his, wiping and kissing his cheek like so, at a passionate smooch of his wondrous breath, lips, that artist nose, right there, they were making love. “After we’d spent such an unbelievable even at present time together, forgive me, I panic and I’m sorry, it was very confusing, I didn’t know what to think, to do, it’s ok I’m here now," passing from him into his amiable neck, ear. “I need you so much, I never been so frighten Sym , shhhhhhh I won’t live without you, I know what that mean now, Cu’re is gonna freak, hell Lindy I’m freaking, nal, you guys, look around you, we’re all as you say, freaking and none of us are Cu’re, by the way whose gonna tell her? Not me, nor I, Lindy you’re her best friend, yeah and I mean to stay her best friend, this is crazy, just when you think you’ve seen everything, heard everything, Cu’re is gonna give birth that’s all I got to say.” <<<“Were is my beautiful wife this morning?”Laying a head intro her flat belly likeso, what a beautiful day they had ahead of them “Sorry," as through a day dream at playing into his thick curls like so, kind of a moody sort.  “I’m just hoping Sym and her husband work things out, well what did you tell her? I told her Mr. Nosey Rosey everything would work out, then there you go, all you have to do is believe what you told her and if I’m Mr, you Mrs, Sym said she was suddenly reminded she could get pregnant, that Blain is one of four quads, that she panic and got out of there as, quickly as she could. Symphony’s husband is a quad? Well, hell I don’t blame her. She ask me South am I to ever consider it, getting pregnant, becoming a mother? Yours was a single birth right? Just checking, although it’s strange Kirst, that would come up," as one thinking he’s to get up, fix some coffee, get breakfast started, at breaking odd news. “Anyway, Teri told North just the other day she’s pregnant and Maddy and Andy are trying, so what Mr. Whitehead do you think? I think wife I’m married to a wondrous creature called woman, I love being married to her as often as that is possible and I know what that marriage intentions are. It’s not Krist to simply blow my mind completely off this globe but through that unspeakable relation, blood seeds can meet, agree and bring forth new life, you think I haven’t considered that? I better go or Jer is gonna kill me, so you started breakfast only to leave it to me? Although I can see Symphony’s dilemma, hey, you didn’t Trist answer me, does it frighten you? At the first yes, like Sym just the thought of it kinda panic me, but we’re talking about new ground, yeh well don’t let something so extraordinary wife as being one with you and multiplying us accordingly be a real threat?” Giving her the sweetest peck to her gentle lips, tickling her ear into a priceless swirm away, tickle and play. “I’ll call you as soon as court adjourn, good luck, be safe, always babe, always.”     <<<“Is it true?” Ideally, dangerously coming into a working lunch hour unannounced was a clearly humiliated, scandalized Cu’re bitterly upset, we’re in meetings here, just tell me it isn’t true and I’ll leave you to your precious, damn meeting. What is this? You know how I feel about you Blain,” having come instead into the hall with him, was all eyes and ears again on Blain’s curious predicament. As you know honestly Cu’re, faithfully I cannot return those feelings, I thought we had that understanding. Just tell me damn it, we said the vows weeks ago, Symphony and I are, are, as you heard it, married.”  It was a ricochet that would be heard throughout the entire building and a ripple outlasting time as a raging mad Cu’re pulled an armed weapon out of purse. Horrible still but unable at shooting her precious Blain Daniel in his face or his head, without warning did she set said weapon into his chest, pulling the trigger likeso, slaying a non suspecting Blain Daniel Cockeron to a stone, still coldness, falling him to his knees. Now riveted through by an unexplainable dullness, dimness unable to move anything but his eyes horridly he witness her ready the pistol additionally to finish him for sure. Though instead Cu’re pointed the barrel to her right eye and evenly into her left eye as to say see me and additionally pulled the trigger, splattering herself all over the area. Again possessed by this eerie incapacity, inability, he could hear his co-workers running, screaming, that at the touch of a hand to his shoulder finally he failed backward, down, down as far as he’d been before. “What is he saying!” Blain, Blain, help is on the way, he was trying to say Symphony, he was horrified something similar had happen to her, “what the hell is he saying? Ah my God is she dead, Currie! Help is on the way Blain, find something, cover her up, hurry! Hurry!”

                                ...Hath God Forgotten To Be Gracious?..
                                                      Scene XVIII

     -"No" shaking the head at contacting the rested hand of his son Heus Agurus sitting at a private luncheon with him, was Nicholas Edin doing as he‘d promised. "Don't let anyone tell you Heus there's something wrong with a man being as equally passionate, compassionate and affectionate as his female counterpart, there's nothing wrong with it, or you. It's actually humanity in its purest, truest form, in factuality by the Supreme alone taking one man and creating two distinct yet alike beings both male and female actually mean son they're more alike than dissimilar, more the same. That they're an equivalence we need to be celebrating, an identicalness of our private selves we're to commemorate instead of criticizing whereas a house divided is made desolate. Neither son does it mean you're to be conformed into something or somebody you were never meant to be. People talk dad," displayed as an image of his yet sublimely handsome father with a tint of his Indian Mother, Tiffany Ann skillfully stirred in was Heus Agurus nearly too picturesque for mere words. "They think I'm not, you know, I'm not right, you Heus know better, that there isn't one thing about your body that tell you, that you a brilliantly beautiful and compassionate male belong to some cursed, ill-deception of your same self. I don't know about your mind being persuaded by an ill fortune world that you as a male is to play a particular role. A sort of malefactor at presenting yourself a certain persona, a cursed ministration of man Heus that has for the ancient maimed and murdered many. No son, everything about your body tell you that you belong to an opposite, a divine replenishing of oneself, a female, that there is an equally enchanting woman that belong to you, I think you already know who that special someone is. Son?" Additionally contacting that warm, reserved wrist was a father like Nicholas Edin by his confessions quite skillful and as usual larger than life and common wisdom. "The kind of love and gentleness that burn in you is normal, I'm no different, you think your mother and I could endure a honest, long distant marriage if she or I were any dissimilar? I was the same as you at your age, I didn't court, books and learning was my pleasure, although I found many young ladies attractive I never found one as equally passionate and affectionate as myself until I meet and instantly fell in love with your mother. These two types of humanity have been created so that they can be both this same and this opposite. I'm your mother's savior," as one raking simultaneously blonde strands behind each ear at clarifying such skillful things, such intimate revelations "but god Heus, she's my counterbalance as well. Your mother, Tiffany Ann, is my strength yet so remarkably I'm her strong arm, the true, predestine difference between us is I'm the male, the giver of the seed, as she son is female the barrier and procreator of this selfsame seed. Although again does this naturalist make us all the more this sameness, this abiding equal if you will. That's a beautiful one dad," as one peeping up from a sip of his tea glass was both his father and mother these inspirational lamps, yes even those lighting each of their paths when it came to such intimate things. "Sometimes you frighten me, I don't mean frighten me per say, I know son what you mean, sometimes I put off myself, that truly flesh and blood alone isn't the prognosticator here. Yeah Dad, what a slap in the face of the assumption women are from one planet and men are from another when pride, lack of forgiveness and rebellion are the true culprits. As long as you remember son while man is laboring to determine why he and his woman is so different, their true, natural discovery one of another will prove how much they're truly this consistent oneness, this incredible same, marriage. That’s flesh dad of one the others flesh, bone of one the others bone, she dad shall be called woman, exactly son," that he's too while celebrating grab him by his neck, those broad shoulders at finishing this divine manner of celestial memorabilia, "for she is fashioned from man."

                       ...Hath He In Anger Shut Up His Tender Mercies?...
                                                   Scene XIX

       -"It's all you guys both miraculously and frightfully lined up in perfect order with Masseiah’s  2001-2017 time table, I Ctentri didn’t want to say, but you’re right, that’s it exactly. So what is supposed to happen, what, a little over a year from now? I mean I hear the Tribe all hinting around and all, working so closely with them, but that’s just bits and pieces. What is the Intrepid Dream, even what does it mean? The intrepid dream Cameron, is the way Holy Spirits demonstrated to Maaseiah Christmas night, 2001, how they will end not just America, but westernize civilization. Which she has realized, is actually the end of the dispensation of grace per Christ’s Cross, and thus the church age, it’s all ending at the exact same time, just as in all likeness it began, this diverse image of the Roman Empire hath of itself, casting Daniel his most curious.  “And I will raise them up on the last day,” Jesus, he was talking the last day of the church age, vastly approaching us right now, just as the Angel Gabriel did say.  Wow Ctentri, but still why, all at the same time? They all Cameron, it’s Cam, just call, ok Cam, it, they all exist one in and of another, in other words, if Christ Cross had never happen, there wouldn’t have been a purpose for the Church Age nor the dispensation of grace allowing for 2000 years now it’s nation upon nation, tongue upon tongue world outreach.  Maaseish say, if instead accepted, Jesus would’ve reign as king and the entire earth would’ve been filled with His Glory. That if Jerusalem had accepted him then as their Messiah, then righteousness would’ve still been, by pure blood, baptism of water and the Holy Spirit, only Jesus wouldn’t have had to die for this, only a drop of this divine blood this covenant for us would’ve sufficed. Though since he was rejected and lead as a lamb to her shearers, and slaughtered, His Blood be upon us and the righteous martyred from the Genesis until now, that’s blood spilled either for damnation or reconciliation all according to our belief or lack thereof, we all mankind have a Savior in Jesus., divine revelation hath come.  No kingdom Cam, I’m Regan Central by the way, and this is my husband Phearson, or Nation or Super Power has risen or fallen without forewarning, just as they have a prophesied beginning, they all have a prophetic ending, The Dispensation of Grace, The Church Age and Thus Americas, known by many as Mystery Babylon, sentenced end is 2001-2017.  By this Intrepid dream, Maaseiah saw that something as cataclysmic as to set the nation back for hundreds of years happen first, and so suddenly, as in a nanosecond. Evenly, next this pale horse judgment and that to follow was an Islamic reign, which would all coincide with the final week of years as prophesied by Daniel, of Jacob’s trouble. Not the church, the church, as in the bride has had troubles since Cain slew Abel, now her deliverance out of all these distresses, per her faith and faithfulness in Christ’s blood as promised and prophesied rescued her, that’s snatched her out.  Correct Maaseiah says, the white, trimmed in gold intrepid automobile of her dream, its disappearance, represent the end of the church age, and the Bride’s now so phenomenally taken out, away.  Yeah, Maaseiah will testify, the mast majority of what they’ve shown her, these thirty years was demonstrations upon demonstrations regarding the bride’s disappearance, and being taken from here.  I don’t know if you’ve seen her, or even meet, she, your Maaseiah is one of the most beautiful and spiritually knowable persons inside and out ever, and I do mean ever, and yet so humble. So guys forgiving and loving, that Cam is the Maaseiah we all know and as well love, though no, none sitting here besides you and Ctentri has actually meet her.  So Mr. Bonai, you’re to stay or you’re to go? I’ve really Cameron, ah Cam, contemplated that, my mother, well my family, loved ones as Sis here, so want to see me,  in person, especially after what just happen, once dead, now risen. Well of course, that’s totally understandable, I could possibly take a leave, come with you, that’s if you want me to do, yes, yes, I wanted to ask you, but doubted its fairness to you, its been so long Ctentri since I’ve been to America, …it’ll be fun, you’ll be fine. So when Maaseiah weighed in as this judgment, 190 lbs, she calculated them into months, yes, according to bible prophecy, but she also learn recently, though she’s seen in the 2001 dream, this nation, western system setback for hundreds of years, she now know, that’s by an additional prophecy, Ezekiel 4, that the 190 figure as well represent a subtraction of 190 years, so when you subtract that from 2001 you get, what? Like 1811 all modernized technology, and just this epidemic manner of making wicked devices all now gone from her, an EMP, a CME or an NEO, all on extinction levels can do this as suddenly and as entirely as Maaseiah seen it, it’s like Noah, knowing, and being totally ignored. So that explain why the Tribe are relocating to New Africa, Juttah, why they’re encouraging us to do the same, they keep going on about something called a Septennial …relating Cam to a period of seven years, you see if the gathering happen as Maaseiah seen it,  2017, then Christ and the Bride will return seven years later, 2024, the fulfillment of Maaseiah,’s  prophetic word, 2003, her being told to mark, ’17 and 7,”  Noah’s Ark surrounds those two calculations as well, as we said, Cam, it’s all inundated prophetically.   The answer Branch is yes, yes I’ll marry you, yes I’ll enter into the Juttah with you,  …wait a minute, just like that? Just like that, right here in front of immortal family and friends, …congratulations you guys, I know Caddy is right now ecstatic, ah she better be, she’s why it’s happening. Hey, what is it? As to touch Regan Central’s settled hand, melancholic look, bringing her back into the worthy conversation, “I was just considering, what was it Father Lowd was telling me, us Phearce, without actually telling  us? Have you Cam heard of the Air Juttah? Well, yes, it’s what the Tribe call their air buses, designed as, with the latest military technology, but with all the comfort of a private jet. Do you as well know how many there are? I’m not really supposed to know, tell, but there’s a dozen, even more, they are their most prized transport and just how often would you say they travel to and from Africa? Often, so much the Paris Globe is becoming just this shell of them, ah, I see, what, is there something else I should know, is there a migration going on, even an exodus? A slow motion one now Cam, for the last thirty years, and we’ve just remain this obvious to it all, it’s happening darling Phearce right under our noses. I did you guys a few nights back, have this African guy wake me from sleep, bring me out of this tent so I could see all of the American refugees pouring onto this African Island, Madagascar  …ah my god Cam, signs and wonders of this is everywhere, it’s like having an open side view of Noah building the ark, even Elohim Christ’s Cross  and making no preparation for oneself, it’s beyond crazy, we, we, Phearce must get back to America,  …are you sure?  I am, I need to speak with him,  …with  ….with father Lowd, see him face to face, and not on the communicator, eye to eye even, don’t you all see, if Maaseiah has been prophesying this some thirty years, what about those who did listen, who did take it to heart. Even enough to do something about it, as in build these arks, you mean like Col. Gaddafi failed United States of Africa. Yes, exactly, only because he failed Phearce or was so viciously hindered, doesn’t mean his project didn’t. One that would’ve been fulfilled either by 2017 or 2024, seventeen and seven, Phearce, I read this lately, Maaseiah’s Prophecy or coincidence, what, what you read that? Yes, yes I did, isn’t that what father Lowd hinted, he and his sons, this calling, dreams, degrees, schematics all, and Rig, tons and tons of money, which they, and other investors have. Do you Ctentri think you could get me an interview with Mr. Sioux Noel himself, or one of the other head Tribe of them? Sia Deburk, they now call him, I’m sure I can, even Cam, here, we’ll get on it first thing, thanks, thanks, I think I know something, I just need them to verify it, we’re not gonna end up dead like those on the movie 2012, poking around too much into private things? Well, darling Branch, if we do, it just mean we’ll get to reign with Christ a lot sooner,  …these things belonged to Holy Spirits and Maaseiah long before they portrayed them in these movies and remember our enemies can only ascend us, right? I hear you little Maaseiah yourself, hallelujah, I hear you, assign us your  angels all around, Holy Father, keeping your promises of  Psalms 91.”

           ...But I Will Remember The Years Of The Right Hand Of The Most High....
                                                      Scene  XX

     -"I see the rain is gone, perhaps Pepper and I can take our walk after all," if you look for him, you could find him every evening about 5 O'clock p.m. playing catch with his German Shepherd Pepper. They were more than just pet and owner, they were the best of friends and one another’s protector. "Se Mesure Artelon, it has turn into a stunning day, make me want to walk as well." This evening was no different, except it was Monday and every Monday they would go to Hikes' Peak, about a five mile walk, inhaling and living that wondrous day through every fiber of being alive. "You're right and you're welcome, it's simply too much of a stunning day to waste." Known to his neighbors as that burn man, and to others as "The Monster" of Hike's Peak or two-face, his name was Christian Cros Artelon, he was of Israeli/Arab descent and had come to America for one reason, to be alone. “No I was only kidding, I have much work still, then there's the homework you see, but you go, you and Peppe." Wanting to live his remaining life on the ocean, this with his favorite pet a German Shepherd and his house maid, Mrs. Martha. Surely Christian Cros didn't like what he'd become but he liked the fact he'd finally become content with what he'd become. "You've convinced me, pulled my leg and all of that, but first another brownie and we're off to see a beginning spring." Little did Christian Cros know the incident he had on the highway with that strange woman would drastically change both their lives. Giving much thought to the unusual circumstance what he cared to remember was she was a very beautiful woman, one of the most beautiful women he'd ever seen, he figured she was playing a joke, the laugh as typically supposedly on him. "The sun is beaming alright but I wonder how wet it's to be, I know, I'm talking to you like you're the person, but that's because I know you like it." Dragged to safety by firemen he later forgave for saving his life had he sustained severe scarring attempting to rescue his three year old daughter from a burning apartment building where she perished, seven years had since passed. "Hey girl!" playing with and patting German Shepherd Pepper was the grounds not as unbearably wet as he'd anticipated "how about a walk? Wuf, wuf" dancing around like so if someone had told Christian Cros this is what his life was coming to how in a millions years he wouldn't have believed it, "is that wuf yes, or wuf no? We won't be gone long" calling to Mrs. Martha who was sweeping the porch, seeing her nod and smile into a wave would she possibly be gone by the time he returned. “Man what an amazing day," it was a beautiful fall to spring day, awesome, the air was brisk and fresh coming right off the ocean. The naked trees of glorious compromise, their tall, swerving limbs so powerful, so free, seemingly tearing into the heavens, knowing with whom to worship there. Christian felt good, life was good, it had taken him seven painful, regretful years to decide to live and to enjoy life, knowing when he died, he and his darling daughter Becky would be reunited forever.

The African Juttah Infinite Juttah Geneology

     Unto  Herenton Egan Lowd III and Kyefer Berlyn Nollel was born their first son Herenton Egan Lowd IV, a second son Kylpe Elfin Lowd and a daughter Kegan Berlin Nollel            

The Interval, From Poetry Rising 04/09/2003,…

     -Whether it’s Nicholas Edin summoning his Tiffany Ann, or Sioux Noel his Maaseiah Adonai or Christian Cros his Lord Urusalim eternal ‘Failing Nights’is a heartfelt admission inconceivable of how lonesome. Or how we, mankind long for his one single, most proficient, even God induced love affair so immortal…Henceforth this Apostle give you…

Failing Nights

     -My Dear Maaseiah, the failing nights are laying a foundation of solitude and isolation is all but drilling lastingness and continuance has to offer. It is those encounters you hold fast, as well their well-versed voices, chatter and laughter and soon. Just as soon a sunup bring on its heel an even more drooling after dark than lonesomeness. How to spend this great imperilment I beseech thee, this dismal archenemy and my sole heart its sitting duck?
     -Although this night judiciously contiguous and adjacent to impending regions. Another half sown apart and away from me by an inevitable yet unyielding loathing, where art thou immortal life, love? When art thou? We're discovered tend toward our cognition, we're blasted with shamefacedness and yes leaning there where we will not, or it's perhaps cannot, we're incapable of realizing the heart of man, his kind.
     -However beloved who is to care? Capable instead are we at comprehending the heart of the Supreme, whose heart upon which I'm twin. Yes I'm twofold and retrieved as one anguishing extensively in the direction of my undying one. That we neither overdraw nor desist but hope for one the other, summoning ourselves to an appointment of performing singleness.
     -This night so distinctive, imperiling me so, breaking down a given up soul, hark tis a voice "remember from whence thou art broken and mend, mend it say mend and bring thyself again.” Accounted for and absorbed, a sharp, eerie silence in my shadow's blood. He is those fallen in love, I heard you so well, a cup of trembling, overflowing and spilled.
     -Today thou begun a voyage into the bewitching hour, collaborating with time's duration on its intended cower. En route for eternity art my love gone deep, how deep my love, indeed what character, which stage, as I'm to discover unremittingly thy loathsome fate? Yes thou art mine immortal, the occurrence of a wild yonder breeze, recover thy beloved again, I beseech thee. From Beast of Beauty, fea. Maaseiah Adonai and Arise Sioux Noel, Wr. By: Patricia A Bradford, Apostle, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM) (c) copyright 2008-2014

                             ...I will remember the works of the Lord...
                                                  Scene XXI

     "Your name, ah Egan Herenton,  and do you Mr. Egan have any personals, any items to register ? No, I don’t, and what of your confessions? I confess I am a child of God, and servant of Jesus Christ, that I am a Juttah Preece and free to enter in. Very well sir, this is your booklet, those who dare enter are encouraged to read, obey or die, there’s a wall over there,” as one pointing passed Herenton did he turn and witness an area. Even a line of desperate people researching a wall of various pictures,” it is filled with the missing that did not comply, so tell me you understand, I understand, transgression will not be tolerated, …such a wise one for his age, now I suggest you sit and read, lunch is served in about an hour, welcome to New Africa, Juttah Kenya, thank you, truly, and to you sir, be good.   Hello,” I am Beth, hello, that before he could even sit down, gathering  both his thoughts and his fears, this young lady seem to be all over him.  “I am Egan, Herenton, this is a dangerous place, a paradise yes, but the threat of  expulsion is everywhere, the hill of Odel Ophell, yes, I was just forewarn, so that whole wall is of those missing, missing Egan or deceased, deceased, I, don’t, that’s sown back into the earth, flesh, blood all, the reapers here can do that, they in no way tolerate transgression and that is the primary danger of it . .Ah, I see, did you lose someone there? A brother and a sister who just wouldn’t listen, lost in translations of traditions, of a warped freedom, even nightmarish dream of it, not letting go, if you Egan know what I mean. In another’s days time we can go and search for them, search, yes, you have 72 hours after, can anyone go or only those who’ve lost someone. Would you come with me, please? I don’t even, what, know me? That doesn’t matter,  I can sense your essence of things, I trust you, ok, well, I was commission to read this, so if you don’t mine, ah, no I  don’t,  I’ll see you again Egan, doing lunch if you please. "The African Juttah," announcing aloud as he open the highly recommended manuscript. This guide of it, did tears in his eyes just as well appear, spinning into wiped clear cheeks, thinking where he would be, if he’d not been given the opportunity to repent and if he’d not taken of its opportunity, instead cursed, and Odel Ophell would be a type of heaven in place of a lake of fire burning forever.     >>>You seem distant,  …who me? Taking  time to swallow a bite of his fork away,  it was Wednesday and they were eating out as always, though joined by friends.  You’re crossed at, I know, I am crossed at myself, I should’v e been more open with what was going on, but the supreme as this witness, that was all so spontaneous, in other words I didn’t know what I would say, until I said it.  I know Rig, you went there to apologize for what happen to Herenton, for what you thought was your part, man did that turn into some phenomena, unforgettable testimony.  So you’re not peeved at me? “ As one unfolding a cloth napkin across her lap, readying to dig into her favorite pasta, contemplating how apple pie alamode for dessert, would make the night  even more perfect with incandesce .  “You are amazing girl, that was amazing, even beyond that, not everyone can do that Rig, leave themselves open to such damaging accusations, even mockery.  You, you just dove right in, like you knew it was exactly what they needed to know, hear, see and believe Rig, and Rig believe.  Even me, indeed whatever make you happy, and look at you, you were glowing then and you’re glowing still.  I believe he’s happy too, meaning him, Herenton, my, the Lowds Henry, just think Phearce if I’d not gone under, I possibly wouldn’t have known any of it, yeah,  meaning Dr. Coogan , that’s S.H.R.I.N.K.S.,  are as well a God sent and you my dearest Phearson, what an incredible faith and faithfulness in Holy Spirit things has gotten me, now read my mind and tell me what’s for dessert, ah that’s easy, I just need to know what favor of  ice cream you’re to have on your apple pie, like I said so incredible is he for me. I need you to remind me to call Mother Lowd , let her know, where we are and stuff like that, sure.  I was reading about all the flooding lately, how parts of France are being declared states of emergencies, it’s all bad, but it’s nothing Phearce, in comparison to what’s coming.  I haven’t told you Rig, but a few years back, eight to be exact, it was only when I open my eyes, I lamented, ‘we will build an ark,’  you didn’t,” spinning tingling sentiment into her nostril, readying and watering her eyes,  a sniff along a discreet wipe,  this intense with thoughts, “ah my Christ  Phearson why you never told me this? Because that’s all it was, I don’t remember what came before, only that I answered, whatever I saw and heard with, ‘we will build an ark.”  It’s Phearce, all the more confirmation, this, all of this is really happening, ending man, beginning God’s reign, and millions upon millions refusing to listen in inconceivable jeopardy as in the days of Noe,  …yeah Rig, just as Jesus forewarn.”          
                             ...Surely I Will Remember Thy Wonders Of Old...

      -“Sym?” Loaning a crystal ear for hearing “hey you coming back?” Additionally wondering, soon turning up, out into this bizarre muteness, “what is going on? The portfolio is nearly done, we both have early mornings so, so you thought you would leave as early as this? What is this Blain? What is it you want from me?” Pulling her sash tighter, reaching her umbrella as it had begun to pour “you’re frighten of me aren’t you? What are you talking about? Just go ahead and admit it, you have me but you don’t know what to do with me, I don’t understand what you’re, you treat me really special Blain, really delicate like. You always come just close enough but that’s as far, I mean we’ve gone as far as the Juttah vows and still nothing, doesn’t that Blain mean we’re married or something? Yeah, I’m still shrieking over that one. Ok, I’m a bit careful at the fact you’re, seeing that you, that I’m a lesbian, that I once preferred women? Isn’t that Sym what the world is to say about you? And even if you’re persuaded from birth then is that not a mental to heart birth defect? All of us Sym are shaped by a gross injustice and are thus at fault from birth” with each expression, each sensible infiltration he was motivating this precarious uprising, although was this an official conclusion wherewith to jeer him? “Blain Daniel Cocheron is to have a blemish from birth?” With her hand yet on the door knob was he getting out away “Isn’t it Sym obvious?” As one fixing her into his lovely embrace, into a sweet nudge to her hairline, all to inhale her into himself, “true love is pure, impeccable, is it Symphony untellable yet it grows like a never-ending vine thoroughly plenteous and I’m evenly Sym infected. Although despite all of the above it’s because of both this relentless flaw and flawlessness that I’m to be delicate I so want this. I so want you it is beyond description but I so want you Sym to want us as well, you think it’s easy Blain that you’re to perform every lecherous mechanism stimulating and vexing everything that’s bone and blood inside me but you’re never to, to what Sym?” Bringing himself preciously, although dangerously close, intimidating her every word, excuse “how close Sym do you want me?” Fixing his eager nose, lips into that arousing him the most, the bouquet of her short ringlets, her ear, neck. “How close Sym?” Breathing hard, raised breaths into this amazing gentleman undressing her, “you’re undressing me” button by button removing her coat, unfastening her top. “I think my wife just made me an offer so this is at better baby at having you” touching his fiery lips, whispers additionally to her cheek, her neck, “at having my wife.” “{{{North here” “yes I’m Mr. Whitehead,” spinning a slumbering Nefertitri off carefully at sitting up horribly in bed yes I know, she’s my, sister, Maddy?” Madison Lorene was crying, more than that she was hysterical “calm, Maddy” casting the covers off into a better performance, at hurriedly getting to his feet, baby you’re gonna, where are, Maddy calm down and, no tell me where you. Where’s Andy? I can’t tell Andy can’t you see that, I’ll be right there” scrambling for his clothes, his shoes, seeing clearly Nefertitri was yet undisturbed “no don’t go near that car I’ll be, Maddy, Maddy you called me right? Yes,’ swabbing both cheeks uselessly at imaging this horrible mess she’d gotten herself in “you need me right? Yes, then don’t move I’ll right there.” <<<“GET OFF!” jabbing a quick, razor blade fist into the strong back, side of a persistent Blain Daniel stabbing and terrorizing her cloistered acts. “YOU GET OFF OF ME DAMN IT! Ugh god you’re hurting, I’m not trying” pinning her arms down mightily at both seeing and calming her, at making love to her “just calm down Sym, Ugggggggg god,”a faultfinding, capsized Ninth Symphony was crying, kicking and screaming at a determined Blain yes getting off of her. “Get off of me, DAMN IT! Get off!” Additionally a violent Ninth Symphony banged hard, persistent fist into him soon bringing a rendered through Blain Daniel at releasing her to his back. “What kind of damn person are you?” Crying and spitting mad was she yanking the covers at hiding herself, at running from him, from this horrible, villainous encroachment of unfamiliarity and vital fluid of life, of marriage. “What kind of a damn person would does that? Sym, I, I didn’t try to hurt you,” rubbing strong palms across his eyes, his face, getting into a seat a pitiful Blain Daniel rubbed a tense neck, “Sym?” Laying a comforting fist, temple to a cold, silent door, “I’m sorry, talk to me, please, would you just go away, could you just leave? I think we need to talk about this, you think I’m to face you now?” Rushing terribly, horribly to the door, at refusing him “my god just leave me, “I can’t do, please if you love me you will give me this time, there’s a cafe about a block south, how about we meet there in about thirty? Sym? Sure,” having plans of never seeing Blain Daniel or getting herself into this manner of fix ever again, “thirty minutes, I’ll get dress, Sym? I’m dressing as well, see you soon.” >>>”You got to tell, no” jarring an evil look his way, crying relentlessly, “this isn’t about Andy, this, this isn’t about Andy?” How is this not Maddy about Andy? It’s too soon for him, I don’t want to put him through this nightmare, but you’re to put yourself through it? What about the fact Maddy Andy isn’t to want children? Uh no I don’t believe that, then what about all the other options, adoption for one? It’s not the same thing, not by a long shot, so this is what your last trip was about, there was no special case in Maui, you was at the California Science Laboratory? If anybody can help me North they can, you’re tried” drawing adorably close, picking her up directly, carrying her to bed, “you need to rest, you’ll stay with me? Of course” tucking her into bed North moved into sitting with legs stretched long the opposite side of the bed, laying his head back into a comforting relaxation, a just as tried North would find himself asleep as well.
                                     ...I Will Meditate Also Of All Thy Works...
                                                               Scene XXIII

     “Excuse me, you’re climbing in through the window but you and dad have an understanding," as one closing off his communicating of research, bouncing into the bed right next to him, relaxing under warm covers.  "Just what’s the name of that bridge across town you’re to sell me as well? Just keep it down,” clearing his feet just right, at arriving in the shared with his younger brother Kylpe room, beginning his undressing instantly, Herenton the fourth couldn’t believe the lengths he’d been brought to regarding this single female in particular. “I just pray Joslyn appreciate all that you do to disrespect her father’s wishes, there is no disrespect here, only my brother as you tell yourself that. Joslyn is dating you against both her mother and father wishes, how is it not disrespecting them? Then have you even considered what you’re to do about being relocated to New Africa, have you guys even discussed it? Of course we’ve discussed it," now his shoes, socks, and into bed without his parents notice, no infraction, now to get asleep." Sometimes Kay it’s all we talk about, I won’t leave without her, she know that, we’re going to marry and when we do, there’s no preventing us, no reason Kylpe to keep us apart. Marry, you’re talking the Juttah vows right? Right and you, what about you, what about Soap, are you going to just abandon her? I don’t  know if I’m ready for marriage and what Henry will soon follow, parenthood, have you even considered that? Yes, though what else Kay is there?  We’re entering into a life where that most neglected is now superior, and that thought superior, that western civilization made us think was superior is now dwindling or grinding down to nothing, to complete blackness and uselessness, to have a mate, to take a mate and cherish that mate was always first thing, always, the first thing Elohim said was to come of Adam and Eve's procreation.”       <<<”Tyson Wells, you like him enough to marry him? I think Kay that’s love, as one removing her deign pencils from his meddling in her personal things about, "and yes, I love him enough to marry him," having the darkest, most curious of eyes, piercing, long, cascading down her black hair, really lessen lips, and the mildest of features about them, his, Kylpe's only sister.  "So when are you going to introduce this ideal to father? The Night of the Promise, just as you will of Sophia, so what do you know? I know Kay she is the one you like the most, that if you was to consider marriage, there is none other.  How is it sister that you know? I just do, I’m off to help mom with dinner, it is my time, you best join dad and Henry and make sure he understand your plans for including her. He said one night, we don’t know which night, we will grab our belongings and be gone, dad said it is like that anyway, anytime we leave home, all we're reduced to is whatever possessions we have on us right then.  He, he, dad told you that? No, he told Moma and Moma told me, he has been commanded by God, we will leave this beast nation, I know it, so if you’re to seal her Kylpe now is this time, delay will be futile, now go, go, you’re holding me up.     >>> ”You nervous about tomorrow, about meeting with the Lowds? Aren’t you? I could Phearce ask  you the same thing,” seeing he’s to move off quite perturbed at her inquiry, did Regan Central know this would be the hardest thing they’re to do, with her having literally aching doubt.  “You know Rig, no one is forcing you right? You can change your mind, ____to be honest I’m more concern about going under and what’s that to reveal as far as Rome is concern, I could Phearce be a good or enemy of a witness. To be my darling equally honest," with haste coming into a hand, even a slight kiss of her, them, this edible perfume, as always this wondrous assurance. "I don’t believe Rig you’re going to remember anything other than what Roman Neal testified, it just all make sense. Herenton for reasons I think I understand snapped, he paid horribly for it and here we are Rig trying to maintain this sane existence through all of it. Sacrificing this now wondrous seed of horrors sown, heartily regrettable it’s as truth verifies, the lest we can do, yes? Yes, my darling man, yes," seeing her as one wiping her checks, her nose, thinking how perfectly placed in the canons of divine memoirs  Phearson Mycal McPhearson most expert revelation of these most impossible feats, to God, alone the praise and glory indeed be.
doth his promise fail for evermore?

The Interval: The Acorns Are Falling 09/07/2001                                                                                            
     The Acorns are falling dear Sura, dissolving both old and new, shattering asunder all that’s unadulterated an espousal to profitless dew. To here they’re to come dear Sura, yet unto yonder places they go, some far away removed, others to loneliness door. Yes that door dear Sura, that one both admissible and close, either this light or this dark, unto alien fables untold. I am unto you my l over, then I am further away still, a fumbling acrobatic at the whistling  wind, tis accord unfulfilled.
     The Acorns rea falling dear Sura, clashing through  the mother due proud, at headmost the clacking unharmed, as fluffy feather’s lying down, down to her good for nothing mound. Tis this treachery I tell you, Raine is his name, a laughing stock, enjoining in dessert spoon ang.  Way down, faraway they go, this mundane existence below. An indefinite never-mind, a sweet wicked in my vine. Still to and fro they voyage , here to there they scheme, then unto rehearsal and partnerships, her devious  plots redeemed
     The Acorns are falling dear Sura, a creative imagination, with none enmity to forestall the pass time, none enmity into desecration. Unto thitherward I wonder, unto the distance accurately disposed of, this savage episode Sura, aching and blackening souls’ blood. To here they come dear Sura, yet to yonder places they’re to fled, coming to travel abroad, others’ having made this bed. I’ll come unto thy morning, I’ll bring a mischievous disregard. I’ll watch it claim your wholesome outlook and dear one, I’ll watch you as you fall. Tis, I am unto my love, then I’ve wondered still away, into thy sweetest lifetime, there where farewell’s are safe, Tristan Allen Deburk, (Apache Arrow), From Beast of Beauty, Apb, The RAM

                                        ...And Talk Of Thy Doings...
                                                  Scene XXIV

     "Did I ever tell you guys, I thought your mom insane," having been in training so to speak for the last three months, learning how to care for his twin sons every need, now this handy indeed. "And that everything she told me sound like a fantasy, how I was destined to be her husband, America was ending, this exodus, along  into a New Africa,  that as we left the dock that day I thought myself crazy. That I’d lost my mind, but look now to where I’ve found it, these two perfect sons, ten toes and ten fingers each, so perfect, yeah, just like their perfect uncle, Henry, ah my God Henry!” Giving him a gracious hug, like never in a million years would he even imagine, pinch me, ah man pinch me! Ah nall, being a new father Ty, I rather not, but very tempting, ah my god look at them, so stunning, dad is here too, they went one way, I came here. So how did you know this is where I would be? Because my brother it’s where I would be, and they would have to pry them from every drop of my blood flowing so miraculously through them. I talked to the wife before I left, staying so cozy under that fig tree, she and little Henry the 5th.  Ah no don’t tell me, Klype already explain them, Reynolds, right? Yeah, after your sisters crush of a boyfriend, OK, and Remington, the school she once attended, well that Henry, and my moms most favorite TV character, Remington Steele. Ah wow Ty man, I completely forgot about him, ah played by, ah, Pierce, ah, ah, it begin with a B., ah Bronson, right? Wow man look at them, identical, so which is which, and how do you know? Ah Soap decided she would part their hair, what little they have, from left to right, vice versa, the eldest is here, so that make him, the youngest of the two, now you can also look at their bracelets. So how many minutes apart? Too many, thought the doc was mistaking, but like thirty-five minutes, here he come, here come Rem, wow Kylpe man, wow, yeah, and I was telling them how I almost didn’t make it here.  I guess I’ll go surprise the sister,  yeah, me, too, they’re sleep they’re ain’t studdin me for nothing.  Speaking of dad, how is he doing? He’s here, so that must mean something, yeah he must know he did all he could, I saw some footage out of the Americas the other day, man, it’s totally opposite, not wanting to say it, because I, too many so doubted, but it’s as if  America, Canada, has become like the worse of what Africa used to be, and Africa has become the best of what America used to be, or could have been, you know, before she became possessed with Religion and Politics, just these abominations, and thumbing their noses and fingers at the supreme over all of it, over all of them, I know Ty, it's been so extremely hard, even heart breaking to watch, I finally stop crying.  Still no word from your parents, I’ve been able to trace them, right into Madagascar territory, and then nothing, but I’m still looking. Still Henry regretting they just didn’t come, that’s not your fault, they made that choice, you made yours, and look where it got me, two great boys. I just got to find them, they just got to see them, I’m praying they will, ___papa,” grabbing him into the strong shaking of the hand, and soon a healthy hug, it was hard to get him out of the house, so this was really special for them all. “How great it is to see you, and you my boy, I hear I have two new sons, yes, and they look like you and their moma, well I like to see them, no, no, you, stay, I’ll take him, when I open my eyes Ty and saw him, I thought I was dreaming, and Henry too, that is such the miracle, I know, I was explaining, wait where is moma Lowd? Ah they went to sneak me some ice cream, don’t you mean us? What were you telling the boys, I know my husband, ah, how delusional about all of it I thought you were, only now look at us, I know, so beyond incredible, all of it, a rewarding sacrifice, all of it, dad here, and Henry, I just have to say that again."     >>>"Truly Phearce, eyes hath not seen," as one walking out into a stunning balcony, bringing them within hand reach of a sky made astonishing by the setting of the sun, knowing one day made new, it as all their inheritance. "Nor Rig ears heard, neither hath it entered into the hearts of man, the things God hath prepared for those who love him, for those Rig who love him. Like nothing can separate us from our love for him, nor his love for those who love him, I mean one day it will all be desolated, way beyond our imagination, but just as well, for the redeemed, it's made new. Yeah I know, God’s designing and reassigning it all, to fit his descending kingdom right into the midst of it, this New Jerusalem. I fear Phearce, both heart breaking and gripping, the earth, the heavens, the universe, and all things that breathe, creep and whirl and sway in the waters upon the earth, are all preparing itself for such a day which has come.  That's all nature Rig, but us, right, but mankind? They’re doing their own thing, concocting their own brand of the God/man, this deception of like unto their Luciferian father that there’s nothing God can or will do about it, not realizing that for thousands of years of bible prophecy, he already has. Always and mercifully hath revealed such realism since before he told John, write these things down in a book and whosoever read it, believe and obey it, are blessed. Perfect, that is so perfect, as so Phearce, is this place,” gratifyingly inhaling and folding her arm into his, a lovely retire to his involving perfumed neck, soon this delectable kiss, so erotically reaching deep this sensuality of piping to have him tearing right into her tingling beast.  “Lunch is served, good sir,” the timely diversion as usual, both sweet and bitter, breathing her out from him so reluctantly so. "My lips, tongue, their steeping blood Regan Central don’t want to let you go, then don’t Juttah husband, don't ”biting, and getting, coming mightier than ever before into the beyond stud of a clear and present lover.  “Shhhh," a calming tickle on, in her ear, "shhhh, hey, hey,” breaking them apart, relaxing her, their spinning into indecisive blood regions, this urgent. “Come," taking, bringing a yet heighten in private places, Regan inflamed, her hand, this lead, was an as usual lovely luncheon awaiting the both of them. "Ah, dad, want me to go hunting with him,” pulling her chair out just right, spinning fast to change the subject, now into his own chair. “Hunting, what a seeming barbaric thing, yes just think Rig, without it, there would be nothing as such as this luncheon. Good save, as always, Phearson McPhearson, good save, and as usual Mrs. McPhearson, you are right. Mother and others want to take you shopping, seem they’re planning a wedding dinner, need I ask for whom? No, you need not at all ask, nor blame me, I told mother I thought it was a rotten ideal, and she said good, I thought you would," with them both breaking into a laughter, even shaking heir heads at just to imagine Mother McPhearson, even as she said it. “So I guess I’m to make the best of it, as so am I my dear, as so am I, so I guess I’m going hunting, I think we both are, shopping, is exactly the same just a little more tame, so I think."

Breakage The Rainbow Covenant                               

     Then come this particular morning, around the mid  nineties, that's even while I laid in bed, I heard God say and that's plain, I'm going to destroy America. Just imagine Father Abraham, and Elohim walking and conversing with him, and suddenly He, confides in this loving servant, what is about to happen to Sodom and Gomorrah for horrid abominations, limiting these terrors  in their amning tracks. The first thing Abraham ask, is will God destroy the righteous with the wicked? No doubt, including his Nephew and family Lot; father Abraham not knowing, all gone a whoring, there was none of them.

The African Juttah Infinate Geneology

Unto Ctentri Israel Bonai and Cameron Reese Cloverson was born their first son Tierney Nicolas Bonai, a son Reese Ctentri Bonai, a son Israel Gabriel Cloverson

                              ...Thy way, O God, Is In The Sanctuary...
                                               Scene XXVI

     -“What is happen? The Dark one my Lord Michael wasn’t only here, but had trapped Lord Raguel and Lord Urusalim accordingly, what do you mean trapped? He had them hostage," as one pointing into a map of the Supreme's Throne, a literally immeasurable circumference of occupied and unoccupied mansions, how it was easy for this dark prince once a residence to breach it all. "Between the plight of stairs there and the crystal stream south, the Twelve? Brought up to here only last night, the African Juttah as well my Lord, they are right now realizing the Septennial itself is happen to them. Although Lord Raguel a great war has begun against another, many are dead, as so many scattered, which is why you’re readied unto her cities? How long will he entreat her? Until said temptation Lord is denied by her, temptation my Lord, is that what this is about? Why don’t he ever give up, what is it he really want? He Lord Raguel want what our Lord Prince of Ages is to want, Samuiel want to make Maaseiah his wife, his what?" Visibly astonishing him, as so from that center of arrangement up-rooting him, at literally being ready to go down, fight at Jacob’s side. "What did you say? Is it so hard to realize my Lord Raguel? He’s always wanted whatever the Lord His Holy is to claim, don’t worry, she will not fail Prince of the Ages. I don’t know about that Lord Michael, she is yet so discontented, ---our Prince, we did not know you were there, ---don’t alarm yourselves, I really enjoy your various debates. Anyway let’s get this done," sitting with a straight back, neck as to be groomed for a long, anticipated wedding had time come finally for the marriage supper of the Lamb, to its pending one thousand year earthbound reign. "Where is everybody, even Lord Gabriel? Gabriel my Lords was caught going to and fro in the midst of all these trials, they’ve seized him and now lay hold upon him, I have sent Uriel, Ramiel and Raphael. Then Michael the final war in these heavens have begun, may there be glory to God in the highest, peace and good will to heaven, the earth and even under the earth. <<<"I don’t His Ancient understand, what are you asking of me? They need to hear from you, city of tranquility and hope, will you now speak with them? I, I don’t know how, what to say. You don’t have to, loan them your heart and the words, the sentiment will follow, I assure you, so I can’t Highness, get this wrong? As Long as you love them as greatly as you love them Lord Urusalim there is no margin for error, this all look familiar, I stood here before, spoke to them before, yes Magnificent one, speak to them now," that just as soon as His Ancient said that, did her mouth open to an unknown, that’s a sorely wondrous language issuing up from every particle of her being at spreading itself along the canons of oceans, seas, and mountains. As so the highways and byways, at sprouting hallelujahs through-out the entire lives, lands and territories of the earth and man how stupendously beyond any portrayal.

                                     ...Who Is So Great A God as our God?...
                                                   Scene XXVII

     -"It is even this breaking of the rainbow covenant, it is more than that, it is Ctentri sacrilege against both the Godhead and the Godman, Elohim, and it's as though no one want to say it or admit it.  I was working, assisting Maaseiah lately, I do that when Mr Deburk, or Cheyenne can't. Then she just said one day, apparently Elohim wanted a more incarnate existence which is why he created the Adam, and through him, the woman seed, and through her, the mystery of godliness, Jesus. When I Ctentri judging by the look on your face, became as stun as you, at what she say. Continuing she said, now we, angels and all have a  Supreme, who put on flesh and endured a cross to seal in sacred blood the Adam once in damning transgressions lost, O my God, Cameron, I know, I know, imagine working around a person of such divine light, and she just blurt it out like that.  Equally she said this is possibly what the mutiny in heaven was all about, the war,  Lucifer and a host of heaven rejecting an incarnate existence, which has exploded into this ceaseless earthbound Jihad, to again preserve in holy blood the incarnate God/man,    …even Cam," witness upon as one wiping his nose, even his cheeks, showing himself a little emotional, “the bride, yes, yes, that is so right, she exist only as the bridegroom, right? That’s Cam, one of another’s blood, and both from Elohim God, it explains Maaseiah further said, why Christ so lovingly forewarn Jerusalem how they wouldn't see Him again until they proved, they had a need for him, the heart aching reality of one’s rejection, even abandonment. "My heart is like wax, it is melted into the midst of my bowls" and I just stood there silently praying to myself, that I keep in remembrance these amazing things she say. So that's how it is to work or to assist her, and why Ctentri the tribe, globe and all welcome the opportunity. By the way, I' m so sorry about your niece, thank you, truly, she's in beyond a million years of describing it of better places, still Cameron, genuinely, I thank you. So, why is it you truly brought me here, of all places? I'm sorry, of all places? I only mean Ctentri, that it's through the roof expensive and it’s been a while sense I've washed dishes,” breaking them both into highly attentive, eye watering, laughter.  "Ah my God girl, my side is hurting, laughing, that’s funny, seriously Ctentri thanks for this, guys find me real attractive, until they learn I've found "Jesus," and treat it as an unwanted disease. Yeah, I know, up unto a few weeks ago Cameron, ah Cam, I was one of them, only I favored boys. Boys, ah please don't let that scare you,” as one hasting to touch a sorely resigning hand, even spirit of her, though he would completely understand, this. "I'm yet the, I'm untouched, by either, my last such effort, laid the truth flat out for me, you can convert into a same sex mutate, those being against the Genesis, Elohim can't, that's won't have anything to do with you, horrified me clear through, the truth.  Wow,  …yeah, I know, you gonna have anything thing else? No, I'm mightily satisfied, I hope it's ok, what, that you had a sinful past? We all Ctentri, have that, or did you forget? All unrighteousness' is sin, all, no exemptions,  …tell me you ice-skate, ah never in this life, well don't you think stunning man you should give it this try? Well yes, equally stunning lady, I think it is about that time, though lest you forget we have that flight,  ah they’re possibly waiting on us. How could I forget, york of America, ah, but a surprise first, all blinders on, cloak and dagger, are you serious, my lady," not again saying, but to like a gentleman help her on his way, so now you’re the silent type, quite, it’s worth it and beyond, just know that, believe that.”     >>>“ I thought the Heir Juttah Kesane was this overwhelming, but seeing  this place, it’s a city under water, yeah Regan, but only for  business, construction and storage.” The Heir Juttah having safely arrived them a dock, a marina, where they by a clear elevator moving deeper and deeper into the sea, where all around them were visions, upon visions of heart gripping sea creatures of unbelief.  “So Rig you might guess, the fishery has served as a cover, though it’s a lucrative business, it allows us to move above and beneath the waters as need be, equipment and all, Though no, there was never a desire to live under water, we, man weren’t made for that, we don’t want that for ourselves, nor for our children, we were Kesean created for Eden, and Eden for us, exactly Phearce, exactly. I’m seeing this, breathing this, it is beyond any imagination, you’re saying, Henry, my Henry knew about all of this, your Henry as you say Rig,  he was its chief engineer, then father, myself. Also we brought in marine engineers from around the world, even military, but how could you recruit, these particulars, ah that’s easy, the communicator, what now for thirty years, the marriage worshippers, those doing national and international research, looking for Juttah husbands and wives, believing in a proposed by Maaseiah’s 1996  20 year extension of grace, African Paradise, making it easy for us to know who they are, even their belief status, their expertise, all.  That is also Rig how we compiled the amount of worshippers, and what size and scope the transformers,  …the great shifters… excuse me, in my dreams Kesane, they’re called shifters, really, I like that, they’re responsible for getting millions upon millions to safety, just this incalculable  number I guess you can say, wow, and you’ve seen this as well?.  So how many are there?” That as this elevator finally come to rest, causing all of them to solemnly make this an exit, floor number  0013, whatever that mean. “I’m Branch Vincent by the way, here is my Fiancé Tennyson, and my brother, …our Lazarus, truly so, …ah Ctentri, and his friend, well, our friend, Cameron Adonai, ah Cam,  and we Mr. Lowd want to thank you for allowing us to be a part of this beyond phenomenon, well Preece Branch, if you’re hers, then you’re ours. Lazarus, huh? Well do tell, ah it’s only that less than a week ago, I was in a coffee, and there were those carving out my grave, ah my Jesus is Christ,  …and thank Elohim Preece Kesane, He is. To answer your question Preece Branch, there are twelve original Arks, named for the twelve apostles, Mary Magdalena included, and a thirteen name for the Apostle Paul, and designed especially for the Lowd family, the one you, well we will be visiting in under ah, 15 minutes, as so is there a mission Aqua Juttah, more military, than ark, dark, mysterious, named for Judas Iscariot, we didn’t want to leave him out.  Rig, are you alright, ah, just a little motion sickness I guess, well you all wait here, and I’ll get the lady something to drink, …hey Rig, you sure, we’re not captured into one of your fantastic dreams, if so, let’s kneel, pray, that we never awake, that sound good coming from a Lazurus. Hello Aqua Juttah visitors, my name is Henrico and I’ll be your escort, your imbibe miss, and a mobile if you would like, …no, no I’m feeling much better. You are now entering the Aqua Juttah Apostle Paul, this is the astonishing foyer, every luxury you are to imagine, and beyond, all the comforts of home and holiday, all the coziness of a backyard picnic and as so one’s grand, festive jubilee. So how many people does it, or will it, ah, ah   …suffice Me ‘sure? One thousand, One hundred and Forty four to be exact, and that doest include Captain, Crew and Staff, so we’re talking hundreds more than that.  Are they all as fitted with luxuries as this? They are, but just as sound, as expert and serious-minded as a military subaquatic beast under water, I mean that’s where we are right now, we’re in the deep. So you Me ‘sure Henrico live here, ah, this submarine station? I do, but only so many days a week, as Preece Kesane say, man wasn’t built to live under water, only to make its visit from time to time.  As you see all around no expense has been spared, it will arrive any and all miraculously the Juttah or Heaven’s Reign, one day they will both be the same.  Allow me Preecest Regan, that I may bring you to your private stateroom, I have a personal room? Yes, indeed, your dearly departed Preece Herenton insisted,  ‘remember she died in child bearing,’  “ah my god Rig,” as to lose her head, thoughts, a hand over her heart, a stumbled into a caring husband, Phearson arms, a convenient seat for now. “Did I say too much? No, no Henrico, it wasn’t that at all, it’s just so engulfing is it all, even heart gripping, a good thing, I just need a moment, go ahead, we’ll find our way, your estate is 1213, and there are intercoms every corridor, fine me if need be, yes, Henrico, you are most precious, especially for you Preecest. Hey, look at me, you wanna call this off for now? I heard it, and I’m terrified with what it mean, you heard, that sneaking, creeping voice, whispering in my ear, driving me all but crazy, ‘remember she died in child bearing,’   and I don’t think Phearce that’s little Henry, I think it’s what happen to Henry the 4th wife and son, it is apparent he lost them both in child bearing, I thought Phearce once I understood that, that creepy voice would leave me, even us alone. Childbearing Rig is both this clarity and this mystery, this faith and this fear, no one fully know until it’s fullness of time, right? So trying to lean unto our own understanding is madness, we walk by blessed assurance, we hope for the best, leaving our Holy Lord Rig to discern the rest. Then yes, I want to see it, the, my personal state room, I don’t know about you but I can’t wait, what a phenomenon already, with minds, hearts as just blown, though being under water Rig, it yet gives me chills.”

                                           ...Thou Art The God That Doest wonders...                  
                                                               Scene XXVIII

     "So when your mom spoke of a Hussein fathering this nation, 2003, she was essentially talking Islam, ah Arabia, even Muhammad, right?" As one pressed into a corner of the hall, not far from him, standing in line, foreign classes, subject transfers. "She says its actually the moment in prophecy where the great whore is shown riding the multiple headed, crown beast, right before he turn and destroy her, that's Bright, right before world nations all turn on America.  So further Heus man explaining seeing the nation after mass cataclysms fall into the hands of Islamic territory, no, not just America," as those speaking under their breath, even a lessen appearing, as not to alarm others, all around, perhaps having itching ears at them, "or Bright, the free world, but eventually the entire planet, none but the repentant exempt from God pouring out of His Wine Press. Just remember John explained seeing a new heaven, a new earth, for the first earth, and heaven had passed away, we 're now Bright man among such the fulfillment. Mother, well, Maaseiah said NEO's like Niribu, how it could be New Jerusalem though having the appearance of a gigantic ELE, like some scientists have seen, how actually it is this new planet earth, heaven, seen descending into the at present desolated planet,of rebellious human kind being chaotically evicted from their places, wow, how amazing is that? So could I like meet her, a guess whose coming to dinner sort of thing? Don't you mean Bright, more like a Judas' kiss sort of thing? Meaning I so don't trust you, __that's good, so you don't trust me, I thought it was me, Ok, I can see that. Hello," as one funnily handing a sorely doubtful Heus his hand, as to make an additional introduction, as so he did. "I am Stardust, Brighton Cunneful, most call me Bright, I am also Desrek Alum, I Am also Soledad Maurice, wha, what are. Their cousin, seventeen years now and counting, so that's how you know so much? Yeah, you can Heus say that, but I've been reading and studying behind Maaseiah, your mother for years myself, having no doubt she is who and what she say. So what time is dinner so I can meet her personally, that is so not happening, what is so not happening? You Seyward Graham man, skipping, get to the end of the line, ok how he know me and I don't know him? He know us all, he's, __I'm cousin to Soledad, Desrek, and I guess cousin since no one else is complaining, I'm staying. What foreign class Syeward are you taking, Swahili, look I heard a minister lately say, he think Spanish will be the heavenly language, you Bright man, heard that, clearly? Yes by one of the most mocked, yet anointed evangelist on this planet, I did, now that is curious, yeah one would think it would be the Jewish Native language, though Spanish is most universal, at least I think it is, hum I guess I'll be taking Spanish as well. I was Syeward asking one of your best of friends here, hey, you know my name, but I don't know yours, that's kinda freaking me out, Sorry, I'm Bright, ah, so, how is it to be around the Coogan's mom? What do you mean, she's a mom, the loving, caring, the cooking, cleaning, the always being there, __the Syeward Graham Maaseiah, I'm talking that one, that mom, Bright want to come to dinner, meet her personally, you mean Heus gawk at her and stuff, no way, we're not having that. Just so you know, your friend here says he doesn't trust me, what you say? No more skipping here, Hudson, Hud Leak, ok, who is this Orpah knowing me? Hud, Hudson, meet Stardust Brighton, yeah, he know us, we know, ah for your info, I wasn't skipping, but giving my bros a heads up, the classes are filling up fast, yeah we see this line, well hold to your numbers, they're good until two hours after classes, and I'm out of here, Mr. Dust, Stardust, but most call me Bright, like in Bright Star, later you guys can't keep the ladies waiting. So is it official, you and Paige Nielson? Ah kinda, that's all I can say, kinda, that is not an answer, so Paige said perhaps she'll marry you? Stop it, keep your voice down, why? Other prospects? I'm not answering that, see you guys in economics, and what about you, Myreah Reign, ok, ok, stop telling my business, I get it, ok, I get it, see you later, you're a tell tale Hud man, take one Heus, that's all I'm gonna say," as one shrinking into the distant away, this is how serious the world, instead of these graduates talking prom dates, they're talking wedding alters and Pre Nups. What have you decided Heus if anything? I could Syeward man ask you the same, especially with Shawn having Justice, yeah like who else is there? Well you have to admit, she is one of the most stunning girls here, with your sister B. Karsiann, taking the reward all over all of them, all, what a stunner, yeah well Bright man, who ask you anything?" What about you Bright Star, you have a promise? Ah, nall, I don't think so," tall, medium skin, like his cousins, quite handsome, wise, spiritual again, like them, looks who drew attention, Ok, you don't know whether you have a promise? My parents think I'm too young, too young Bright to live, but old enough to be ravished by sexual diseases right into a sick bed, and after that judgment and hell? Is that what Maaseiah say? Tell us Bright what you know about the PreNupital, Nupital Dorms, even why they were build? They were build for young, teen marriage worshipers, like ourselves, those who yet worship the Genesis manner of procreation, both it's beginning and it's end, it is Preece Ebonee's New Africa. I'm sorry what? I know he haven't confide such things in you all, those things mighty in his heart and mind, but he know something that is coming. Something that is right now as we breath and speak in the making, and we're no longer Heus, even Syeward Graham talking Nupital dorms, but a continent, and soon a world simply worshiping it, right into it's Septennial, (the faithfully awaiting Bride) and Millennium, (the Bride's Divide forever Glorification). I'm sorry who are you again? Someone who has said too much, I will only say this, remember Desrek's Christmas coma, what he saw, who he spoke with, what things, phenomena things where perhaps revealed and told him? So guess whose Heus, coming for dinner, Heus, Heus man, the bell, ah, nall, I yet don't trust you," as one bedazzled along meticulously swiping under each eye, even those slightly spilled cheeks, hearing things literally bringing him to his knees. "Stay away from me, my family and my friends, ok, just stay the heck away, ok, ok, whatever you say, what did he say, why are you crying? I'll tell you later, but for now, stay away from him, he seem harmless, just know things, I don't know, just let me talk to Desrek Ok, Sole, even more Maaseiah, ok Heus, just don't be so upset at him, I'm Ok, and I'll explain later. Now you did it," as one moving off frustrated, talking, even kicking, that's pulling his foot out of his so anxious mouth, thinking about what Desrek forewarn, what to say, or mention, and he's done it, possibly lost the best in the whole world of friends.  Is that sane, or safe, talking to oneself? Perhaps you should run so you don't get it on you, Maybe I Bright Star want to get it on me, I'm Layla, Layla Miles, and you, well, I overheard you, you are Stardust Brighton, good day Layla, I have my assignments, shouldn't be late, good day Bright, see you later perhaps, sure why not? He is something, and indeed what that is girls, I'm sure I want some of it, I'm just gonna say be careful, Heus and Syeward Graham surely were."
                             ...Thou Hast Declared Thy Strength Among The People...
                                                          Scene XXIX

        "Ah my God is Christ Nicholas, I could stay right here, this spot, forever, something I feel Elohim possibly felt about the whole of Eden," as those being bath by scenes this extraordinary, even as those seeming to be inundated by a sky covered over with multi color leaves, with just a slice of the sun sparking through. "Isn't Tiffany such an amazing scene mean we no longer give pause to God, wanting to destroy those who destroy the earth so, so stunning, I mean look at this. So isn't it just like rebellious men, taking this for granted, they do all this evil and make plans to open up their eyes in heaven reigning with Jesus, strong delusions Nicholas, you won't be able to explain it any other way. I tell you, it's the most plain and simple forewarning in the Bible toward those choosing to enjoy sin if only for a moment, totally forfeiting eternity, so, so ridiculous to me. Yet I used to be one of them, that's we Tiffany, we used to be one of them, I was so churched straight through, yet I was so clueless Nicholas when it came to actual Godliness, so tremendously misled by it's famous mass assembling. It's getting so I don't even say, God help us, He Nicholas has helped and healed us, God has healed every human being on this planet by Christ's Cross, Blood, as He promised in the garden of Eden, of the Woman Seed, remember? Uselessly, we trust our well being to medical science, doctors, medical prescriptions, none of which are the Shepherds of death, only God is. Relentlessly, with Jesus being the only good death and dying, meaning regardless of all man induced efforts, men like fish are snared in a net when they lest suspects it. We see this everyday, every second of it, even with hands over our ears, eyes, heads, panic hearts Nicholas buried in the sand, trying not to get it on us, not any. Though as those terrified all the more, because we know regardless it's demanding presence, its always there, always and we have no more control over it than we do anything else on this planet. It remind me of when I witness my grandma, well the last thing she said to him, my dying grandpa was 'you are ascended,' and straightway Nicholas he was gone from here. All pain, sorrows, anguish, all death and dying released him, and he arrived, just as, just, "noting how suddenly overwhelmed by the emotions in her voice, words, with tears filling her eyes, cheeks, "hey, hey,  __no, no," as one sitting and backing into a seat, against the nearest tree, did it seem they'd found the greatest spot in the world, this sweetest retreat. "I need to say this, how grandpa Saurus arrived heir to God's throne instantly, this good and faithful servant, so Nicholas when you laid there, dying daily, like now but more obvious and, well, I, I was left so uncertain. I didn't know if I was strong enough in faith to do what Grandma Saige did. That's release you, or whether you was strong enough in your faith to arrive there, as my granddad Early had, thus stranding us both, at these impossible cross roads. I saw her Nicholas, I witness as she anoint him, oil his forehead, over and over, the song, it's lyrics, we are standing on holy ground was playing, angels all sound. So amazing, because it was something granny said happen to her, waking with Angels all around her bedroom, until no place was left, about two months before they realized how sick grandpa was, even that he was sick. Then the strangest thing even more, she wasn't anointing him into ascension but she was yet petitioning God for his healing, she still Nicholas had not let him go, how heartbreaking is that? When suddenly she said, did what she did, with the last stroke of oil, saying you are ascended, releasing him from all his earthbound responsibilities here, including herself. Wow Tiffany honey, what an astonishing, yet scary testimony, yeah, what's scary about ascending to heaven, right? Death and dying is, the spirit being willing, but the flesh is weak, like Jesus the night of Gethsemane, the Lord is our shepherd, I shall not fear. Meaning Nicholas, I, or we will fear only as we take our eyes, our heart and my trust off of Him, out of our One, Good Shepherd, Jesus. Hey, look, we better go," soon noting the others, about a number of twenty and they were all as those bringing down their tents, making ready to get away from here. "They'll leave without us and I really been looking forward to this hike, yeah, me too, its so stunning here, the clouds, the mountains, the sun, how they merge phenomenally as one. Then this life altering  breeze moving silently through the plenti-color trees, even this perfectly designed waterfall, so Nicholas beyond awesome. How did the kids know this retreat would be so perfect, so exactly Tiffany what we need? I like to think Nicholas because they see us as having everything, so with nature being free and priceless, truly its Nicholas the next best thing to being there. So phenomena until I can hardly bear it, its why your grandmother ascended your grandfather, it was the only thing missing in his life, even Tiffany their lives, having all things Christ. Hallelujah Nicholas, hallelujah, flesh and blood didn't reveal that, it is the only thing missing, for all those believing, living accordingly, ascension. It's Holy Spirit's blessed assurance lately, how Nicholas Jesus is coming, how Jesus is on the way, just you remember, Jesus been coming for two thousand years now. Only, now, right now, He's on His way here, meaning be packed, ready, looking out the window, standing at the door, miraculously, He's about to pull up. So sweetest of heart beyond amazing, as so is this place, meaning going home Nicholas is gonna be impossible, so look darling wife to ascension, to hearing this Lord of Lord say, enter into my bosom, my good and faithful servant, ok, ok, just who are you again?  
                             ...Thou Hast With Thine Arm Redeemed Thy People...
                                                        Scene XXX
     -Beth honey? Yes father,! That at a knock to the door, did it alarm them at them reaching for and finding cover, even their spilled about clothes, “your mom and I would like Agurus and yourself to come down for dinner, yes father that sound delightful, ten mintues, yes, father, you’re crying!” As one hearing the creaking in her voice had they roughly made themselves one this day, this special evening of them all, …”you hurt me, I, I , I didn’t mean to, I just had to be one with you there was nothing else, “shhhhhh,” my sweet, sweet Aggie,” kissing each crying eye did Bethel know it was nothing intentional just her desperate husband breaking through to piping flesh and blood at drastic limits uncontrollable. “We better go, I’m not crossed at you, I love you, I love you so much, and I my darling, darling wife you, I’m sorry I hurt you, I’m not any more, now truly we are this one in love and marriage, how amazing is my husband in my heart, in my flesh and my soul, how so amazing.” >>>”It didn’t work!” Coming upon a reserved Beethoven’s Fifth, a cafeteria filled of Juttah promises, would Nesting Brave Heart portray a side of herself, a sordid side none of them had ever seen of her. “This going to the Tribunal Deburk, to my brothers, it didn’t work, I will never marry you, I’d rather be taken by reapers and lost to Negeb Ophel than to be married to you, why? Excuse me? You see Brave, I know that was the last inquiry you thought I would make, but I’ll make it clear for you, right here in front of everyone, why don’t you want to be married to me? I don’t have to answer that, no you don’t but I think I deserve an answer, I want to choose and I don’t choose you, you don’t want to marry me because it’s the Supremes’ will, right and not your own? What are talking about? I don’t want to marry you because we’re too much alike, well so is Christ and the Church Bride, if I’m not mistaken he has groomed her to be identical to Himself? I, I, just leave me alone,! As one storming out quite emotional, did Beethoven’s Fifth feel bad that he’d possibly taken the wrong approach, that not only had he, but had she possibly said too much. “Well Beeth man so much for that failed clin’ce of how opposites attract, man I never would’ve thought of that. That the Christ Lord groomed the, well you know, I’m sorry Beeth man, I know you hate seeing her like that, the way you feel and all. I don’t know whether to run after her or not, you’re free man to do either, just be weary of your head, she seem angry enough to bite it right off, right Kadesh man, right. If I sit you’re not gonna beat me up are you? Seeing she's to turn off at a brush under each eye, did a concern after her Beethoven’s Fifth take Kadesh’s advice and freely chose. I’m sorry, like I told your brothers only hours passed, I don’t Brave want to force you against your will, I mean what kind of marriage would that be? Not one I want, I guess I’m to ask for forgiveness, forgiveness for what? For all of this, for making the most happiest girl in all the world so sad, that is not what I wanted I assure you, it’s your free spirit Brave that draws me. I agree with you, let the pool decide, I’ll drop my name as well, see what happen. You’ll what? They told me who you are, that you’re BFA files, there’s no way you’re going to enter the tombola, there’s no way, I don’t know Brave, there was a time I thought the same about you, only look at us now. You would really be taking a chance of being married to the last person ever you want to wed, is that not beloved the chance you’re taking? This is permanently forever. It was nice talking to you, as so you Brave, I accept your apology, I know now you meant no real harm, you have a nice rest of the day, as so Preecest you.” Seeing she’s to move off, away not in the direction of classes but home, was the day only starting, but to her it must have felt more like an end. “I summon you heavenly host, it’s left to you, its all left to you.” >>>”Amire is here to see you and no one in this house Mirror is going to tell him you’re not here, Amire! What a lovely surprise, could we take a walk down to the pond, sure, it’s a wondrous day to do so. So what bring you to my, what is it, neck of the woods is it? I want to know Mirror if you will be my wife? The blond beauties, this is what they were called, descendants of their Parent fathers school days, 'The Beauty Pact,' did they represent them all so well. "Your, I mean I knew Amire you felt guilty, but never this guilty, this isn’t that, not anymore, if you Mirror yet love me as you stated that night. Then, I want to take that, have it by Holy Spirits transformed into something as amazing as only they can. I don’t understand, what about Agurus, Agurus know how I feel, I finally told him, and? And he pitched a fit, went off the planet and such, but he since married, eloped unto the Juttah Vows with Bethel Elaine, ah Clooney. Eloped? Playing along some stunning white roses did the lake seem to be inundated with them quite beautiful,“the Juttah vows? Leaving you stuck to make amends, Holy Spirit this witness, that is not Mirror what this is, I’ve really considered this and if I’d not returned? The pool promise, you, one of the most astonishing young men in the Juttah Province leaving it all to chance?” Once having long, streaked brown hair now cut into what Amire Heus thought were literal edible tressels, unto perfect facial features, plumps lips and alluring gray eyes. "Or is it Amire you being convinced that since I been on that hill there isn’t one Promise that’s to marry me? I’ve loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you, I feel that way Mirror hill or not, be my wife, my helpmeet, the mother of my children and all else above. You mean it don’t you, all of it? I know Mir this is going to be hard for you to believe, but I’m none of the things you just described to me, nor do I ever want to be, it’s you, it’s not me. I’m leaving for Madagascar in a week, I want no more of this place Amire, thus I can’t agree to be your wife, what about the perfect timing concerning your return? I asked for this, I prayed and pleaded for this, but I didn’t, look, I told mom I would help with dinner, you be well Amire and Godspeed, Mirror, please, I’m sorry Amire, I can’t, I just can’t
                               ...The Sons Of Jacob And Joseph...
                                               Scene XXXI

                                       The Maaser Rishon Room

     -I’m not hiding my lord, nor are you hidden, I awaken to here, this special place beyond any comprehension, it is Lord Urusalem the Maaser Rishon Room, it is my Lord so amazing, the music alone, the dancing that seem to be all around, up and down, even under my feet, if Lord I’m to still have, you know, and of every form at the same time and the singing, the continuous lyrics “he- is- holyyyy-He-is holyyyy-and-we- praise- his-ho-lyyy-nameee. I’ve never, everything here, everybody, even just now my lord, I remember this night Nicholas and I were making love, we were reaching its unspeakable zenith and he let out the most astonishing cry, scream and he was crying, crying uncontrollably.” “A fantastic Phantasm bringing him up and into a seat beside the bed, and it frighten me so, and he said it, I, well we hurt so good, so remarkably beyond heaven and earth that he’s hardly to bear it, and for at least thirty minute he was inhibited, even crisscrossed this way.” “What couldn’t have happen Lord but did happen just now, even this room of Levi, of Maaser Rishon now I know in words or in description totally abandoning me what it was he felt.” “It was like this beyond narrative good death, even beyond all humanity realism it could then, only then be holy spirit, and divinely indecisive, in descriptive or something of, lean not Lord Urusalim unto thine own under-standing,” seeing she’s to break down heavily into a cry at grabbing a hold of her, at laying his forward, his phenomena kinship to her, again dissolving them entirely into one this inexpressible singularity. “Your tears Lord Urusalim, you know what they will do, but in all thy ways Lord acknowledge the ancient one and he shall direct thy path “ “I know this Lord Prince for a certainty, but it’s all so totally overriding, so remarkably over-shadowing, it is high, every original bone broken of it, how could man have ever contain unto it?“ “I don’t know, it’s to take me, consume me and yet leave me here so mystified by it all, then I awaken here, here in this white, glowing remarkably singing, dancing escape, it’s all so far beyond anything, anything we, mankind could’ve ever, ever imagined.” “In Jewish tradition, a Levite meaning attached was a member of the Hebrew Tribe, when Lord Joshua led the Israelites into the land of Canaan the Levites were the only Israelite tribe who received cities but no tribal land "because the Lord the God of Israel himself would be their possession.” “Because Urusalim the Lord God Of Israel would be their possession, in return, the Landed tribes were expected to give tithe to the Levites, particularly the tithe known as the Maaser Rishon, eser meaning tenth or Levite Tribe. This Maaseiah is what you saw, when you saw the supreme his highest dancing, ah my god I remember that, do you as well remember why he danced, yes, he finally had a people who walked by faith and totally obeyed him.” “In other words, the Levite tribe financial status was left to how obedient to the Maaser Rishon the landed Hebrews were, any corruption or disruption would spoil all things forever.” “So I can assume there are other similar rooms named for each tribe of Israel, yes, as this one is of pure ivory, others are named for twelve other tribes, dressed with particular ever sustaining minerals, as long Lord Urusalim as you’re here you will no doubt get to know them well.“ “Should I even asked how I end up here, are we yet flesh?” “Ascended, immortal, incorruptible, multitudinous Lord City of Peace and ready to live out an eternity as such yes, yes we are, we are Lord Urusalim redeemed, you must not forget that, not that these heavens will ever allow you to, ----come, as all days, today is a great day, the two olive branches are returned, the wine press is overflowing, today Lord Maaseiah is their day.” “I have not spoken of it my Lord but is Lord Gabriel in much peril?” ”No, none a toll, not even the gates of hell can prevail, remember, he’s a timely distraction, and we a timely appointment all as the Kingdom of men have become the Kingdoms of our God and He not them shall reign forever.” “I finally Maaseiah feel your lovely recompense with all that is about us, inside and out of us and it is so sweet, so deliciously, overwhelmingly Divine.” “Such a blusterous breaking through, even out, again it enchants the very soul of all things we are and shall forever be.” “You are all things I’m ever to be, I see that now, all things of every romantic love that’s ever to love me, I know that now, everyone of you is there, is here Maaseiah,” as one taking her hand, applying it to his chest, to his heart crying aloud, sparing not, “blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” “It spoke,” shockingly jerking her hand back, that after all the matchless appearances in the third heavens, there is yet that astonishing her. “Your heart of astronomical passion just spoke to me, to us all, them all Lord Urusalim, and that it spoke is blessed and true and we shall reign forever.”

                    ...The Waters Saw Thee, O God, The Waters Saw Thee...
                                                    Scene XXXII

 "Envy, Jealousy , Strife, and every evil work," coming out onto a balcony with her, able
to see most of the villa from there, so many people, of varying colors, visiting,  going back
and forth. "What is that? That Magus is why you feel the way do, __you seduce my brother with these magical letters, get pregnant by another, and throw this madness off on him, on all of us if you ask me! I'd not known a man, not until my intended Herenton, slam me into the shower walls that day, and torn me from limb to limb they say, ripped out my heart, my guts and my blood, all into bloody pieces as of a scrabble board. So when my best friend husband Rome found me, horrified me, that was a piece of my healing, then word past to my parents, another sickening particle came to this miserable pity party.  Also my brothers learn word of it, as much as I dreaded it, even throwing myself off a building was all to better it, yet another fragment of unbearable healing. Just as soon, Magnus word came to your brother, I despised its curative more than them all, even its appearing was like having acid for drinking water, how hideously to digest any of it, them.  Now you tell me how in a million years possible, not only did I have to live with the greatest of being violated, I was now getting word I was carrying the offspring of this monstrous vandalism. Onto breaking, cutting and tearing me, flesh and bone, this numb, all over again, but no, said your brother, this most loathsome of all haven’t happen to add insult to the mightiest of injury at all, but for healing. The whitehead family, the Lowd family, The McPhearson Family, even the Copeson family, all growing to new life, forgiveness and love right into my womb. I know,  all to break out one day and startle us to shreds all again, but Magnus, after what we've endured, a celebration is all left of the greatest of o evil’s muggings, and beside the Supreme, we have none but the bravest of all men, all I say, Phearson McPhearson, to thank,   ____you my sister, have a nice day."      >>>You have to understand Soap Henry design his life to be a certain way, long ago, when tragedy was to strike, he convinced himself, perhaps he was to live a single life, with  said miscalculation making him truly miserable. I just wish Kay, there was something I could do, Nay is so crazy about him, she always have been, have put herself on hold, I know it’s not his fault , but no less true.  Perhaps his taking her invitation to have lunch, was proof he’s coming around right?  I’ll lean on him with that, and head cut off or  not, just suffer the consequences of my brother’s wrath, I mean I am his keeper like it or not.   I wonder how much longer it’s going to be testing the twins for this jaundice thing? They are perfect I know, they’ll not to find one odd thing in them, blood all.  Do you know she, Nay, has already named her children, yeah, Henry told me, thought it was foolishness, he say, but I felt he was really impressed by it, by her, he just need to humbly give in to it, this just as perfect for him, spouse, kick against this stubborn in him, of blaming God..”     >>> “Ahhh, I miss you," cuddling into him along a hammock under the stunning starry night, a closeness  they'd not had lately. Ditto,” as one finding his breast and sweet warm breath just as delightsome, again this lovely smothering of one the other, “ditto, ah don't start that, they argued and the next he was ghosted. Ghosted, is that even a word? It is now, it’s mine, so did you tell them? Is that Rig why you've played the chicken these days, no I didn't, but I had this incredible practice in the mirror. You should've heard me, would've made you proud, I did hear, as to free herself someway,  “the testimony, remember? Well I Rig, figured, after those amazing toast, dad nor mom care about this pregnancy, only that we’re  happy, only that you're safe, only that we're this amazing together. For some reason I'm reminded, I talked to Vince, they're back in the states sometimes today, and he's with them, Ctentri is with them. Yeah, once dead, even in a coffin, but now alive, I can't wait to see him, does he know we're in France? Yeah,” as one not wanting to say, as it was a bit of a surprise for now, “which is why Rig I invited them here, here, really? Yeah, they should be here in time for dinner, I was going to surprise you, but you haven't meet Ctrenti right? No, meeting him is going to be like meeting Lazarus, I figure you would say that, so you're not mad, no, it’s perfect we being here and all, like it’s planned. You think we could meet, the Tribe, even Maaseiah? I don't think Vince know them, only Ctentri, I must admit Rig I didn't think about that,  by the way, you smell really good, how good? Good ok, that's all I better say, and you feel so amazing in my arms, on my flesh, just my love where I belong. How your parents gonna feel having him here? Are you kidding, he ask the same thing, my parents are crazy about him, can't wait to see him, can't wait to see and meet Tennyson, so its perfect Rig, as you say, you are, even this,” as one smiling joyful hearted into an impressive fully lite sky, there was nothing better, than this moment at present, and his beast friend could share it with his newest friends, “this is.”     >>>“So for how long? What are you talking about? As one reloading wood for the fire, it looked to be a chilly night, a few of them from the look of his pile, keeping him busy, his mind off.  “How long Henry will you make all our lives this miserable? Sound like Nae ran right to you all, it’s not that,  she's in love with you, yeah and she has already named her children, how crazy is that? Stop this and talk to me,” tall, chocolate, and flawless, even those brooding eyes, not unlike his male counterparts before him, simply model caliber, Herenton Egan IV, was being his most arrogant self.  “Don't do this, we all die Henry, we all lose loved ones, my twin sons are a miracle, they're also emotionally this impending curse of astronomical lost and that is this reality. Now I can't tell Soap that, “as one wiping his cheek away, all the better, just as his older brother meticulously swiped his stained cheeks, “but it’s not like she doesn't know, she just don't want to be reminded, like the fish snared in a net Henry, we all die, we all walk through that valley of the swallow of death, …it’s just that we don’t all have him Kae as our shepherd.  I love you brother,” grabbing him and folding him into this gracious hug, a cry on his shoulder, someone had to remind him, death and dying goes on. “That I’m sorry beyond comprehension about what happen to her, to them, but there is a way to have, to take some happiness from this horror,   …happiness, really Kae?” As one spinning off cuttingly back into his chores, though was brother Khylp pleased that he’d made his point, acceptable or not. “Yeah I better go, they’re releasing Soap and the twins today, so you coming over this welcome home? Will Adonai be There? Probably, that is Henry her sister, her new nephews, all of them will no doubt be there, did you know her name is Epiphany  Adonai? Any way Kae man, I can’t say I will, or that I won’t, just congratulation, tell Soap I said the same, thanks, hope to see you later.”      >>>”Tell us Me 'sure about the son of you, I told you Holly, my name is Neilson, Neil for short, he is my only son, Tyson is his name, Ty for short, boy do I miss him, how you, uh, um, lose him? He, well they escaped before America was stripped and nothing then left, ah, on the big shifter people say, one way, then it’s  be another, said captain Lowd, knew this, ah, planned this, they were transformers, like festivity ship, ah to shift to marine, yes? Tyson married the daughter, so for all I know, I am a grandfather, so lucky for him,  captain Lowd as you said, got him right out of America beyond this hell a million times, hit the fan   …congrats to you early, soon we will see, three days to less, we will see all for the self.  Seeming three days too long, but it’s better than being years and months off, so you hunt with us, or you fish with them? I think I fish this time, last time hunt, yeah well we better get off while it’s yet early, I am right with uh, Neil’son just Neil is fine, mean none disrespect, you Holly do know you and I are the same, identical fate, no greater, no less, yes Me’ sure and I am much thankful.”

                   ...They Were Afraid: The Depths Also Were Troubled...
                                            Scene XXXIII

“Excuse me, you’re climbing in through the window but you and dad have an understanding," as one closing off his communicating of research, bouncing into the bed right next to him, relaxing under warm covers.  "Just what’s the name of that bridge across town you’re to sell me as well? Just keep it down,” clearing his feet just right, at arriving in the shared with his younger brother Kylpe room, beginning his undressing instantly, Herenton the fourth couldn’t believe the lengths he’d been brought to regarding this single female in particular. “I just pray Joslyn appreciate all that you do to disrespect her father’s wishes, there is no disrespect here, only my brother as you tell yourself that. Joslyn is dating you against both her mother and father wishes, how is it not disrespecting them? Then have you even considered what you’re to do about being relocated to New Africa, have you guys even discussed it? Of course we’ve discussed it," now his shoes, socks, and into bed without his parents notice, no infraction, now to get asleep." Sometimes Kay it’s all we talk about, I won’t leave without her, she know that, we’re going to marry and when we do, there’s no preventing us, no reason Kylpe to keep us apart. Marry, you’re talking the Juttah vows right? Right and you, what about you, what about Soap, are you going to just abandon her? I don’t  know if I’m ready for marriage and what Henry will soon follow, parenthood, have you even considered that? Yes, though what else Kay is there?  We’re entering into a life where that most neglected is now superior, and that thought superior, that western civilization made us think was superior is now dwindling or grinding down to nothing, to complete blackness and uselessness, to have a mate, to take a mate and cherish that mate was always first thing, always, the first thing Elohim said was to come of Adam and Eve's procreation.”       <<<”Tyson Wells, you like him enough to marry him? I think Kay that’s love, as one removing her deign pencils from his meddling in her personal things about, "and yes, I love him enough to marry him," having the darkest, most curious of eyes, piercing, long, cascading down her black hair, really lessen lips, and the mildest of features about them, his, Kylpe's only sister.  "So when are you going to introduce this ideal to father? The Night of the Promise, just as you will of Sophia, so what do you know? I know Kay she is the one you like the most, that if you was to consider marriage, there is none other.  How is it sister that you know? I just do, I’m off to help mom with dinner, it is my time, you best join dad and Henry and make sure he understand your plans for including her. He said one night, we don’t know which night, we will grab our belongings and be gone, dad said it is like that anyway, anytime we leave home, all we're reduced to is whatever possessions we have on us right then.  He, he, dad told you that? No, he told Moma and Moma told me, he has been commanded by God, we will leave this beast nation, I know it, so if you’re to seal her Kylpe now is this time, delay will be futile, now go, go, you’re holding me up.     >>> ”You nervous about tomorrow, about meeting with the Lowds? Aren’t you? I could Phearce ask  you the same thing,” seeing he’s to move off quite perturbed at her inquiry, did Regan Central know this would be the hardest thing they’re to do, with her having literally aching doubt.  “You know Rig, no one is forcing you right? You can change your mind, ____to be honest I’m more concern about going under and what’s that to reveal as far as Rome is concern, I could Phearce be a good or enemy of a witness. To be my darling equally honest," with haste coming into a hand, even a slight kiss of her, them, this edible perfume, as always this wondrous assurance. "I don’t believe Rig you’re going to remember anything other than what Roman Neal testified, it just all make sense. Herenton for reasons I think I understand snapped, he paid horribly for it and here we are Rig trying to maintain this sane existence through all of it. Sacrificing this now wondrous seed of horrors sown, heartily regrettable it’s as truth verifies, the lest we can do, yes? Yes, my darling man, yes," seeing her as one wiping her checks, her nose, thinking how perfectly placed in the canons of divine memoirs  Phearson Mycal McPhearson most expert revelation of these most impossible feats, to God, alone the praise and glory indeed be.

                                ...The Clouds Poured Out Water...
                                               Scene XXXIV

     -"So we, I mean I’ve been contemplating for, are we to make any stops? Tiffany? No of course, you just want to get home." Persuading Tiffany to come home, that there was nothing she could do there did everybody notice how great Nicholas was with her. "Man the heavens really open up and poured out, there’s flooding everywhere, even some cars stranded, I hope we’re some of the lucky ones." None of them knew why, why such a wicked work had performed itself so brilliantly and so perfectly within their lives. "A very poor choice of words I know,  ...I just keep thinking how angry He must be with me to allow this to happen, I guess I’m not so special after all." It was here in the hardest ride home of her life, the street lights raising and falling periodically mimicking her own burning uncertainty Tiffany Ann was reminded of things her mother said. "Regretfully, even unthinkably Tiffany we all die, I mean I’m in no way trying to justify what just happen, I despise in ways unexplainable what just happen, only it’s not that unusual." How mankind is forever under attack of the beast, how some attacks are near misses, some hits and some like this one mocking her very sanity, ruining her eternity were direct hits, those unmercifully and fiercely mastered. "I don’t think I can do this, if Mike is dead I want to be dead too, I’m alive Tiffany, live with me, I don’t even know you, but there was a time you didn’t know, you know, Mike." Having arrived them safety to her
house, could it as easily been a horror house, as it held such terrifying implications for Tiffany Ann. "You just don’t understand do you?" "You see Nicholas when I walk up those stairs and turn the key, and open the door it’s to mean I accept the fact that Mike is gone, that my life will never, ever be the same, I can’t do it, I won’t do it." Thinking he was to sit there in the car with her for as long as it took, did he instead take the keys from her grasp, exit the auto to unlock and open the door for her. "Now I don’t know if that’s to help or hurt, I only baby, ---don’t! You’re not, you don't have that,” swabbing both cheeks instantaneously at a kind Nicholas Edin stooping down along the passenger
door after her. “Just don’t ever call me that, you don’t have a, look all I’m trying to say is you’re very special to me and I’ll do anything for you, just name it. I feel like I’m trapped the very top of this once raging roller coaster, that I’m screaming in ways indescribable and no one hear me. I hear
you, that’s what I’m trying to tell you bab, Tiffany, hear me, see me, I hear you, I, I think I always have, and will, I always will. I can't, I just can't, then come home with me, no, not that, I have an extra bedroom with a bath, you can stay as long, I can't do that, I won't do that to, what are you doing? I'm picking you up, unless we're to spend the night in this car, I'm carrying you into the house, no you don’t, you can’t do this, look at me, I’m with you, don't fear, I'll stay with you for as long as you need me. Your bedroom or, no here, right here in the living room is fine." As one delicately making her comfortable did an emotional Tiffany Ann began putting her long hair into a pony tail, at cutting the TV on, at kicking her shoes off. "You want anything, need any, ---some water Nicholas please," although she was sitting in foresight she was running, with dead ends at every turn. "I'm so thirsty, ‘Imitation Of Life, do you know how long it's been since I've seen, seen, ‘Imitation Of Life, what's Imitation Of Life?" As one sitting a glass of water before her, seldom is she to call his name, did he love hearing it roll off of her expert tongue, mouth and lips. "You're kidding right, ah my god Nicholas tell me you're kidding, right? Tell me about the movie, no, you got to see for yourself, you hungry? You got to be, I can fix all types of eggs, I'm a pretty, good, don't, I know what you're thinking and why, don't, I, like you're to sip your glass Tiffany, take these events in a little at a time. Ah my god I hate this so much, you hurting like, look if I'm to watch this with you, you at least could
tell me something. That’s what I’m telling you, there's no way Nicholas you could've lived in the Saurus household and not watch ‘Imitation Of Life,’ I tell you there's just no way."

   ...Thou Leddest Thy People Like A Flock By The Hand of Moses and Aaron...
                                                 Scene XXXV

 -“All hail to Lord Urusalim, all hail to Lord Urusalim, who is, was and is to come for all eternity, all hail to you Olive Branches, and you Wine Press, The Anointed Bride. Here we all stand as a fulfillment of all the Supreme hath promised, all hail to this Ancient Holy One who is, was and is to come forever, all hail to Him as we’re to cast off our golden crowns and cast them at His feet, not blessed ones because we’re ungrateful but because He, His Holy is so beyond description, again and again and again blessed ones praise His Ancient One name as He alone is worthy to be praised. And a voice came out of the throne, saying, Praise our God, all ye his servants, and ye that fear him, both small and great. And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunder, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reign. Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God. And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. All hail to Lord Urusalim, all hail to Lord Urusalim, who is, was and is to come for all eternity, all hail to you Olive Branches, and you Wine Press, and you Anointed Bride. All hail to His Ancient Holy One who is, was and is to come forever, let all those who’re to rest from their labors and their works do follow them say, all Hail to His Ancient on High.” >>>“It is time, yes I know King Lord, I don’t hesitate, she was wondrous by the way, thine own Lord Urusalim, she knew exactly how to greet the Olive Branches and the Wine Press, I was more than impressed. Was there Lord Ancient any doubt she would be? It is what His being cast down will mean for the earthers, yes, but against his will and all that is the new heaven and earth he holds Lord Gabriel and for all we know Lord Michael is perhaps in his grasp. Lord Michael fights for Lord Gabriel’s release, the Mighty Archangel and plenty of others, but Son most precious, you’re right, cast him down and this war of heaven will end abruptly. Do it, woe unto the inhabitants’ of the earth and of the sea for Helel is come down unto you, having great wrath, because Lord King he know for a certainty he hath but a short space. You have already told him to go down, make it your command and Lord Helel will have no power but to obey the endurance of the sacrificial cross. All this time Lord Ancient, yes, all this time, now go that all things spoken and written shall be fulfilled and we shall by unpronounced promises forever reign. <<<”All these rubies for what Lord Urusalim is staring from heaven’s mansion into the crystal sea thinking, he loved you, more than that He His Ancient is so entirely impressed with you, how do they differ, Lord the Church Bride and Lord Urusalim, or do they? They don’t differ, they’re one and at the same time they’re individuals, they are ubiquitous, yet something has disappointed you? No, not disappointed me, they all greet me as though I too am His Highness, His Ancient, as though I’ve always been, yes, true, why is that strange? The Church bride is her Christ’s, the Christ His Ancient, therein they’re all intertwine together as a single will but with quadruplets assignments. I knew exactly what to say and how to say it, of course you did, you are Maaseiah who and what you shall be for all eternity. I have sent my angel to testify unto these things in the churches. I am the Root and offspring of David, and the Bright and Morning Star, And the spirit and the bride say come, let him who hears say come, and let him who is athirst come, whosoever will, let him take of the water freely. ” >>>”Just what is it Lord His truthfulness you think you’re doing? That Helel, which has been coming for His Ancient of Days, and you Lord Urusalim, you’re to agree? Go down now blackness of the morning, for thy time and thy faithful term hath come, how can I go without you?” Peering his eyes on one thing in particular, was this the real reason why he desired so after Lord City of peace, with her of course being totally oblivious of his true purpose. “How can I ever be, be gone away from these high halls? Now black one and forever, at thine order Lords divine, but woe, woe and woe to the earths inhabitants. Holy Lords of Israel, Did you see? The very keys which are upon your wrist got his utmost importance, keys, it is a most dreaded scar, I Lord even remember how I got it, how my siblings thought it was the end for them all, my mother being so over protectant. It Maaseiah is what will imprisoned Helel away for a thousand years, the very key to the bottomless pit and another reason he’s to purpose after Her Highness so My Lord? And there was war in heaven, Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not, neither was their place found any more in heaven. And I saw an angel come down from heaven having the key of the bottomless pit, and a great chain in his hand and he laid hold upon the Dragon, that old Serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan and bound him a thousand years. I looked into this dream, this memory Sweet Prince as you would have it, I, with my niece assistance, I, as always, I was on this mission for the lost, soon a great evil came after me, for to destroy me, this beast having the body of a bear and face of a lion, I ran, I remember and took refuge in a vacant red automobile, when I did, as I glance to one side, all I could see, for as far as I could see was a land filled with the bones and carcasses of this great beast swallow, again lord for as far as the eyes could see, yet when I look still to another direction I saw a dark dungeon, I saw that in this dungeon was yet another beast, a greater, mightier beast yet to come, I saw that the prison doors slowly gave up and into his timely release, I saw Lord Prince that one was loosed and had slain millions, with another, a greater to come. There’s Lord Urusalem something else that you saw, something much more important, that lord while I laid hidden for my life, I soon looked and saw my husband come, I saw you, the great Victor, and like the Apostle John was to bear witness, I saw that together we fought this beast, and we slew this beast, as so shall it Maaseiah, be, as so Lord Urusalem shall it be.”

Breakage The Rainbow Covenant                       

     -Still Father Abraham asked, as the Rising Above Ministsry (RAM), at his very hour, what if I find, as so go fishing, cast in this line, find any that yet serve God, find even ten million, if any? This father Abraham's plea, and now the Bride's outreach, these 2000 years beyond Christ's Cross lamenting, repent or perish, God's Kingdom Age reign, bringing to dust and oblivion all rebellious men. If the raging to have their will be done over or besides God doing His, targeting millions unrepentant. Heartily.
     -If you're reading here, one of the first thing Jesus taught religion, that in order to reign with him, heir to God's Kingdom, you, they, all mankind, must be born again!   Awake, beware, Apb, The RAM, cancel elections 2016, use this opportunity to seek after and get to Him, Jesus judgment is as final, as the night of King Belschazzar, Dan. 5, now Dec. 25th -Oct. 2017, get to Jesus while He, His Bride is near, see Rom. 10:9,10

The African Jutah Infinite Genealogy

Unto Dayson Peak Deburk and Robin Jaybird Longknife was born their first son Arise Sioux Noel Deburk, their second son Standing Apache Arrow Deburk, their third son Cheyenne Water Falls Deburk, their fourth son Marked Tree Hill Deburk, their fifth son Wounded Knee, Saber Tooth Deburk, their sixth son Lion Wolf Paw Deburk, their seventh son Medicine Bow Sign Deburk, and their last son Bronze Coten Field Deburk and a daughter Nesting Brave Heart Longknife

     Like Watching Noah's Earth/Flood, voice, "Mark 17 and 7," like the days of Noah, Mat.24. And there was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, 96 AD, in my prayer closet, 1993, AD,
Murder Suicide, And There Was Silence In Heaven                               

     -I know, just another American horror story, though its more, its a perfect example of seeing entire families falling from heaven, crashing and burning. Their crime, they'd by perilous catwalks and footbridges' did something Jesus said they shouldn't, couldn't, not suscessfully, that's climb up to heaven some other way than Jesus Cross, Himself.
. -I'd not only heard, but I saw, even I witness, even how they'd come so close to Him, mostly by apostate mass assembly. Just as so they'd come so nigh God's Throne, the I saw with it's back toward the church, yes this close, they could hear His mighty voice. They could hear Him talking to those by Christ's Cross, blood instead found worthy, to escape this disaserous to ones heart, mind, soul and longevity earth.
. -Worthy, those forsaking all that is the American Dream, things seen temporal, things not seen eternal, now shooting like fire rockets straight into heaven, yes I seen this, soon to hear that long awaited commission, come my good and faithful servant. Meaning heart treasures laid up in heaven, now all that's earth-bound intrusted to and managed by God, this good shepherd, this good death and dying, how regardlessm still His Anointed Rise, all their problems resolved.
. -The last enemy to be destroyed is death, another of Heavens promise to us, while those climbing up this alternate, are cast into outer darkness, though regarding the redeemed, even this second having no power over them. And I shall wipe awy all tears from their eyes, and their shall be no more sorrow, nor pain, neither shall be here be no more death, this they all heard, before they felled, felled, felled, repent to Jesus, the only way, to Him, or like this family perish, beware, Apb, The RAM, see also, Wr.  By: Patricia A Bradford, Apostle, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM) (c) copyright 2008-2015

The Good Shepherd

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Prophecy Links

     -Seen to be visited upon by the Angel Gabriel, 05/15/2004, he seem to be forewarning how the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind, as so was something mention about a seventh angel, see Rev. 11,
     -Seen to be looking into a dream, whereas I look, as to look into text messages, whereas I'm repeatedly reading and I quote, "Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way," 02/17/2015

    Look in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's the stone made without hands!

   Who Is The Shepherd Of Your Death? Jesus Right, Not Your Pastor

      -The Lord, God Of Israel is our Shepherd, we shall not want, (Even though this beautiful psalm applied to David, and to all believers as well, more than all it applied to Christ JSM).                                  -William says, "only one voice, song this song in perfect tune, . It was the voice of Jesus. When walking through the dark valley of his earthly Life, Jehovah was His Shepherd. There is no suggestion of sin in the Psalm. Its great theme isn't so much what Jehovah gives, or does, as what or who He is."                                                                                                                
     -And yet, at the same time, as Christ presents Himself  as the Sheep, He is also presented as the Great Shepherd of His People, for He was raised from the dead in order to be such {Heb. 13:20] JSM) (I never really shared this, perhaps oddly, it was unexplainable until right now, but all while my spouse was dying, and we didn't clearly know it, even the tough days leading up to his death. Well, we were like King David at this time, actually living it, or enduring it, even our grand children, his, David's song, even testimony, oddly, daily, we all are, right? That's regardless of Christ's Cross, Apb}.
     -He maketh us to lie down in green pastures, (any other voice that is followed will only lead to barren pastures, JSM) {As Mary and Martha found it odd, there brother Lazarus died, having Christ, I guess you can say, unknowingly, I kinda felt the same way. Plainly, why is this even here? I was looking for some verse of scripture to end this amazing work, and I was reminded of Psalm 23, "the Lord Is Our Shepherd as I begin to edit, I just now wondered, what does Jimmy Swaggart expositors bible is to say about it, Apb}
     -He leadeh us besides still waters, (The 23rd Psalm makes it abundantly clear that the church is not the Saviour, neither is religious hierarchy the Saviour, neither are rules and regulations the Saviour, {neither tithes, offerings, choirs, Apb}, only the Lord is. We can follow Him, or we can follow other things; we cannot follow both. JSM ) {Now imagine Jesus telling the religious leaders, see Catholic Pope, this fancy temple, dress and head dress of theirs, can't save. Now imagine the Righteous Bride, outreaching Jesus Christ, 2000 years now, telling mass assembly the same thing right now; a clue, it's why Jesus pictures Himself outside mass assembly, knocking, trying to get to them, Apb}
     -He restores our soul, (the the sheep skin their forehead foraging for grass, the shepherd would pour oil over the wound, JSM) (Doing this demonstration in heaven, the last of Elohim anointing the end time laborers. Strangely, He was making contact with their foreheads, healing, anointing, consecrating, but what I did hear, was His instructing them, to be well acquainted with HIS grieves and sorrows, this is why unconditional love is first forgiveness and relentlessly long-suffering, Apb)
    -He leadeth us in a plain path of righteousness for his name sake, (At times the lamb will leave the appointed path, even doing so several times. But if it leaves too many times, the shepherd, upon retrieving it from the rocky crevices, will take his staff and break one of its legs, {that the bones which thou hast broken, may rejoice, Psalm 51, Apb}. (Then he carefully resets the leg and then lay the lamb across his shoulder, close to his heart. He carries it until the womb is healed, that is a symbol of chasetisement {Heb. 12:5-11}. {better to enter heaven maimed, than hell whole,  Jesus, I old as elder once, Jesus is the type of Saviour, who would heal your right arm and then tell you if it offends you to sin, to cut it off, for it is better, for entering into heaven. 'Lead in a plain path of righteousness,' right before Mack ascended, he had this dream where spirits came and took him, like prevented him from his family, his life, living. That when he questioned them about doing this, about even having this power, they only questioned him back, asked him, whether or not he remembered the Genesis, that he replied, "you mean the beginning?" That he was then able to make it back to his family, Jehovah is mankind's shepherd, even before the foundation of the Genesis, Apb}
    -Yeah thou I walk through the valley of the shallow of death, I will fear no evil (the powers of darkness, constituting powerful attacks by Satan, JSM); {As to go from a curse of death, which is frightening enough, to a death penalty, the most horrifying stage of actually dying, departing all you know. So as the Jesus of the garden of Gethsemane would say, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is terrifyingly weak, take this cup from me, Jesus, Apb}.
    -For thou art with us, thy rod, thy staff, they comfort us, (The ideal position of the "Lamb," is to allow the shepherd to fight for him. In fact, the only fight we are told to fight is the "good fight of faith, {I Tim. 6:12}JSM). {"Put ye on the whole armor of God, that ye be able to stand in the evil day," I guess we understand why Jesus first lesson to Peter welding a sword at enemies, was violence, begets violence; whereas His last lesson to disciple Peter, that being in love unconditionally, he was to perform as a good Shepherd toward all people, feeding them Jesus, (righteousness), Apb).
    -Thou preparest a table before us in the present of our enemy, {and these enemies cannot touch this "prepared table," JSM} {A Voice, "60 by 40," eat,"  Mack was becoming his weakest, truly he, actually we, were in this valley where one of our most precious past time was enjoying playing with our grand children, and he was becoming too weak. Still, I was reminded, of this table, right, enacted by the Blessed Shepherd of our death and dying, this only name given under heaven, Jesus The Christ, Apb}
     -Thou anoint our head with oil, (a type of the holy spirit, JSM), {My final gesture to my husband while he was taking his last breath, was anointing oil of crosses repeatedly across his forward. No, no way, it wasn't brave, I was still trying to keep him here with me, when just as instantly I lamented "you are ascended, and, well, instantly, he did, Apb }
    -Our cup runneth over, (a figure of speech that refers to abundance, JSM) (see life insurance, this temporal, treasures in heaven, eternal, Apb).
    -Surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our life ("goodness," gives us green pastures and still waters; "mercy," retrieves us when we foolishly leave "paths of righteousness," JSM) {Of our death and dying with, as Christ, I tried to pin them one against the other, trying to find blame with them killing my husband; having to realize, there is only One of them, Elohim, and He's A Righteous Shepherd, beyond worthy of all exhortation. You see my husband didn't die, but ascended and is now with Jesus, this miracle, truly, let everything that hath breath, praise His, Holy Name, see also, Exodus, 15, Apb},
     -And we shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever, (as long as the Lord is our shepherd, we can expect all of this, "all the days of our lives," JSM), {Just you think, every title of the bible, from Genesis to Revelation is with total and sincere purpose to bring you to it's One Salvation, the woman seed, Emanuel, God with us, Jesus, see Psalm 23


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